Religious Diets


Religious Food Customs

Diet plays an important part of identifying and practicing different religious beliefs.  Research a religion and their food practices.  This research will be presented to class in an oral report.  You should include the following information:

ü     General beliefs of the faith

ü     Religious observation

ü     Fasting/forbidden foods

ü     Sacred foods

ü     Foods for religious observation

ü     Foods for celebratory occasions

ü     Special preparation

ü     Pungent foods

ü     Obesity/moderation

ü     Provide a recipe that is representative of your group (typed)

ü     Write 5 multiple choice questions/answers about your presentation (typed)

ü     A complete bibliography of at least four reliable sources (typed) -  no bibliography – no credit

Mormon, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Orthodox (Eastern, Greek, Russian), Seventh Day Adventists, Roman Catholic.

Due Date:  Monday December 13.

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