Reducing Stress

St. Francis Prep. Physical Education 788

Tai Chi/Yoga

Eighteen Ideas For Reducing Stress

1. Add more and better leisure activities to my day

2. Develop a personal growth plan for myself

3. Become more aware of my feelings and act on them sooner

4. Become more "here and now" oriented

5. Reduce the intake of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and junk food

6. Learn to say "No" more often

7. Identify realistic levels of achievement

8. Set priorities

9. Give up the desire to be liked by everybody

10. Pay more attention to "my delights"

11. Exercise regularly

12. Develop a time management plan

13. Learn to focus on a task

14. Build in success to each of my days

15. Build in variety to each of my days

16. Build in positive feedback for myself

17. Secure a growth partner

18. Learn to say "Yes" more often