food service company

Food Service Project

Written and oral report.

*You own a food service corporation and would like to make a proposal to take over the food service at SFP.  Please include the following information for your project.

1)      Company Name and Logo (must be original – no duplicates)

2)      Identify the title of each person in the group? CEO, VP, research, vending, advertising, etc.

3)      Corporation Philosophy and Mission

4)      Food Service and Vending machines (types of food, vending, beverages) healthy food choices- be familiar with the preparation and nutrition information of your menu

5)      Nutritional and dietary guidelines for teenagers

6)      Develop a daily menu for one week including breakfast, lunch, snacks, and vending with pricing

7)      Why should your company be awarded the contract?  How will you service the nutritional needs of the students?

8)      Power point presentation with company name, logo, and sample menu items - you must have pictures of your products

9)      Cover and cover letter with proposal on written report.  Look professional.

10)    Overall organization, creativity and presentation of written and oral work.

Name of Employee                        Title                                   Task







A typed, well organized, written proposal supported by relevant documented facts must be submitted.  All of the above components must be included as well as proper documentation of your sources.  (Bibliography)

A professional hard copy of your menu will be turned in.  Include food, beverages, and vending.  Have realistic prices and include pictures of you food.


An oral presentation must be presented to the class with your powerpoint.  All members of the group must participate in the oral presentation.

*Communication is a very important component of a group project.  You must exchange email or phone numbers to keep in touch with each other.  If for some reason you are going to be absent you must contact your group and Mrs. Turner at  *If you are not present for the oral project or you are unprepared you will not receive full credit.  If you have a problem with someone in your group, please let me know as soon as possible.  If you are rude or disrespectful to your class mates you will lose points from your grade.


**All grades are final and cannot be negotiated.