Substance Use Research Project

Substance Use: Addiction

Individual &Group Research Project

100 points

Due Date: 



Purpose: To utilize sound research skills ensuring all material is Credible, Accurate, Reasonable, and contains Supportive documentation. Using the framework of Addiction, each individual and group will identify a more specific essential question to be answered and be assigned a substance or classification of a substance.


Objective: Students will learn how to summarize and analyze information. Students should think of the researched information as a tool to better understand to answer the question of addiction to a substance. Information must be obtained on the following areas:

·        Description

·        Street Names

·        Short and long term effects

·        Statistics and trends

·        Treatment for addiction

Format of Paper (250-500 words): This is the individual section of the project.

  1. Introduction: Brief explanation of your job within the topic
  2. The main body of work
  3. Conclusion
  4. You paper must contain all references in MLA format
  5. List all references

Group Presentation:  Using the Google Docs  program or creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA), students will organize information and construct a Power Point presentation or video for the class. Everyone in the group must present to the class on their assigned date. Note about PSA- videos should be 2 minutes or less. Elements of a PSA includes:

Ø       Keep it short and to the point

Ø       The goal is to change attitudes and behavior

Ø       Use emotion

Ø       Target a specific audience

Ø       Tag the cause or organization at the end


Documentation. You are expected to explore an idea, probe an issue, solve a problem or make an argument. It is a requirement that you cite three sources and identify them at the conclusion of the paper. You final slide on the Power Point must contain all references in MLA format.