Worksheet #2 - Imperatives Tu/Lei/Noi/Voi


  1. Eat the sandwich.  Eat it now.
  2. Close the door.  Close it now.
  3. Open the books.  Open them now.
  4. Clean the plates.  Clean them now.
  5. Send the package.  Send it to him. 
  6. Take the ice cream.  Take it now.
  7. Obey your parents.  Obey them now.
  8. Answer the questions.  Answer them now.
  9. Don’t forget the homework.  Don’t forget it.
  10. Don’t lose the jacket.  Don’t lose it.
  11. Don’t call Mary.  Don’t call her.
  12. Don’t whistle the song.  Don’t whistle it.
  13. Don’t sing the song.  Don’t sing it.
  14. Don’t write the letters.  Don’t write them.
  15. Don’t read the newspaper.  Don’t read it.

Give the commands in the indicated subject:


                TU      LEI       NOI        VOI

  1. Scendere
  2. Parlare
  3. Vendere
  4. Finire
  5. Aprire
  6. Mangiare
  7. Ascoltare
  8. Guardare
  9. Bollire
  10. Battere

IRREGULARS:  Use both “TU”  &  “LEI”  forms for all answers.

  1. Say it!  Say it to me!
  2. Be good.  Don’t be good.
  3. Give it!  Give it to her!
  4. Know the answer.  Know it well.
  5. Stay here.  Don’t stay here.
  6. Give him the keys.  Give them to him now.
  7. Come here.  Don’t come here.
  8. Go to the movies.  Go there.  Don’t go there.
  9. Do the work.  Do the work now.  Do it for him.
  10. Have patience.