Imperatives/ Commands Worksheet

The use of the following conjugation for commands are used when  you are being polite.

Professors, friends' parents, strangers, doctors, etc. 

he imperative (not to be confused with the infinitive) is the form of the verb used to give commands or make strong requests. English has imperatives too. Compare:

You are nice. (present indicative)

Be nice. (imperative)

So basically you take the same verbs we’ve been working with all along and change their form slightly to indicate that the action in question is one you’re commanding someone to do, not one someone is actually performing.


You are talking to a stranger that is annoying you and you tell him...stop talking would say " Finisca di parlare"  per favore. 

Or you just invited your boyfriend's parents over to dinner and you want to welcome them to your would say...Benvenuti...entrino! 


Change the following verbs using the Imperatives: 

1.  Be quiet, please!

2. Be calm!

3.  Have patience!

4.  Be good!

5. Eat well! 

6. Run! 

7. Walk fast! 

8. Breathe!

9.  Raise your hand! 

10.  Smile (sorridere) 

11.  Shut the lights! 

12. Open thewindow! 

13.  Look! 

14.  Respond to the telephone!

15.  Sing louder! 

16. Dottori come here! 

17.  Mr. and Mrs. Gianna leave! 

18.  Students listen! 

19.  Welcome Famiglia Ruggieri.  Come here. 

20.  Paolo's friends...clean the table!