Nutrition and Exercise Survey

Nutrition and Exercise Survey

100 point Assignment


A behavioral exercise to monitor input (food) and output (exercise) for each assigned day.

Assignment dates from breakfast ________________________after dinner.

Keep a daily log of intake and output. Calories for both food and exercise must be identified for each day

A critical diagnosis (1 page) of your log must be submitted with the log.

The project must be typed using a format of your choosing.

Title page must contain the following information:

 name, age, height, weight, BMI and family history of Noncommunicable Disease.

Due . -10 every day late.



Þ    The comprehensive nature of you daily logs

Þ    The calculation of calorie input of food per day (some may be estimates)

Þ    The calculation of calories burned per day (some may be estimates)

Þ    The critical diagnosis of your log (be descriptive and analytical)

Þ    All references used must be recorded such as online calorie counter and calorie expenditure.