Verbs to Know!!!!!!!!!!

Topic: VERBS TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Verbs to Know 

Abitare- to live

Accendere- to light/turn on

Accettare- to accept

Aggiiungere- to add

Aiutare- to help

Amare- to love

Andare- to go

Aprire- to open

Arrivare- to arrive

Ascoltare- to listen

Aspettare- to wait

Avere- to have

Ballare- to dance

Bere – to drink

Bollire- to boil

Cadere- to fall

Cambiare- to change

Camminare- to walk

Cantare- to sing

Capire- to understand

Cenare- to have dinner

Chiedere- to ask

Chiudere- to close

Colpire- to hit

Cominciare- to start/begin

Comprare- to buy

Comprendere- to understand

Concludere- to conclude

Condividere- to share

Conoscere- to know someone

Contare- to count

Controllare- to control/check

Convincere- to convince

Coprire- to cover

Correggere- to correct

Correre- to run

Costruire- to build

Credere- to believe

Crescere- to grow

Cuocere- to cook

Cucinare- to cook

Dare- to give

Decidere- to decide

Desiderare- to desire

Difendere- to defend

Dimagrire- to lose weight

Dimenticare- to forget

Dire- to tell

Discutere- to discuss

Diventare- to become

Dividere- to divide

Domandare- to ask a question

Dormire- to sleep

Dovere-  must/have to

Entrare- to enter

Esaminare- to examine

Esister- to exist

Essere- to be

Fallire- to fail

Fare- to do/ to make

Fermare- to stop

Finire- to finish

Firmare- to sign (signature)

Fuggire- to escape

Garantire- to guarantee

Giocare- to play

Godere- to enjoy

Guardare- to look

Guidare- to drive

Gustare- to taste

Imparare- to learn

Inghiottire-  to swallow

Insegnare- to teach

Insistere- to insist

Interrompere- to interrupt

Investire- to hit/invest

Ispezionare- to inspect

Invadere- to invade

Invitare- to invite

Lasciare- to leave

Lavare- to wash

Lavorare- to work

Legger- to read

Litigare- to argue

Mandare- to send

Mangiare- to eat

Mettere to put

Morire- to die

Mostrare- to show

Muovere- to move

Nascere- to be born

Nascondere- to be born

Nevicare- to snow

Notare- to notice

Nuotare- to swim

Offrire-to offer

Organizzare- to organize

Pagare- to pay

Parlare- to speak

Partire- to leave/depart

Pensare- to think

Perdere- to lose

Perdonare- to forgive

Permetter- to allow

Piangere- to cry

Piantare- to plant

Piovere- to rain

Portare- to bring/carry

Potere- be able to/can/may

Pranzare- to have lunch

Preferire- to prefer

Prendere- to take

Prevenire- to prevent

Promettere- to promise

Proteggere – to protect

Provare- to try

Pulire- to clean

Punire- to punish

Raccontare- to narrate

Rallentare- to slow down

Regalare- to give a gift

Restare- to stay

Ricevere- to receive

Richiedere- to request

Ricordare- to remember

Ridere- to laugh

Rimanere- to remain

Riposare- to rest

Rispondere- to answer

Ritornare- to return

Riunire- to reunite

Rompere- to break

Salire- to go up/climb

Saltare- to jump

Sapere- to know something

Scegliere- to choose

Scendere- to go down

Sciare- to skii

Scomparire- to disappear

Scoprire- to  discover

Scrivere- to write

Seguire- to follow

Sentire- to hear

Servire- to serve

Soffrire- to suffer

Sognare- to dream

Sorridere- to smile

Spedire- to send

Spegnere- to turn off

Sperare- to hope

Spiegare- to explain

Spingere- to psuh

Succedere- to happen

Suggerire- to suggest

Suonare- to play an instrument

Svenire- to faint

Stare- to stay

Tagliare- to cut

Telefonare- to telephone

Temere- to fear

Tenere- to  hold/keep

Togliere- to remove

Tornare- to turn back

Tradire- to betray

Tradurre- to translate

Trasferire- to transfer

Trasmettere- to broadcast

Trovare- to find

Ubbidire- to obey

Udire- to hear

Unire- to unite

Urlare- to scream

Uscire- to go out

Vedere- to see

Vendere- to sell

Venire- to come

Viaggiare- to travel

Vincere- to win

Visitare- to visit

Vivere -to live

Volare -to fly

Volere – to want

Votare- to vote

Some Reflexive verbs are

Vestirsi – to get dressed

Divertirsi – to have fun

Mettersi – to put on

Chiamarsi – call oneself

Svegliarsi – to wake up

Alzarsi – to get up