Protein notes




1 gram of protein="4" calories

Function – helps muscles contract, aids in clotting blood, facilitates chemical reactions, produce antibodies to fight infection, structure for bones, skin, and hair, regulates fluid balance

Sources – lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, nuts, seeds, dairy – eggs, milk, cheese

Formula – protein needs

Weight in pounds  = kgs.                 Kgs. X .8 – 1.9


Amino acids- building blocks of protein

(9) essential amino acids - amino acids the body cannot produce

(11) non-essential amino acids – amino acids the body can produce

Deficiency of protein – poor growth, weight, and muscle atrophy

PEM – protein energy malnutrition

(Africa, Central America, Asia, South America)

sometimes found in people living in poverty, elderly, drug addicted

Kwashiokor - usually sudden/recent deprivation – muscle wasting, fluid leaks, edema, liver disease, bulging belly

Marasmus – severe deprivation over a long period of time – starving-inadequate energy and protein intake

Skin and bones- muscles (including heart) waste away and growth ceases