Volleyball Assignment (Medically Excused)


The class learned following skills in volleyball: bump, set,spike, block underhand serve and overhand serve.   In a paper no less than 4 pages double spaced, write a paper which must include the following information: 1- How do you perform these skills? What are some important things to remember when performing these skills or what are some important things you can say to correct someone who is performing these skills incorrectly? In essence, the cues for each skill. 2- Why are these skills important during a volleyball game? How do they apply to the game itself? What is the importance of each of these skills during game play? 3- From your observations in class, give an overall report in the form of a newspaper article on the overall game play of the class.  How is the level of competition? How do the teams differ? What are the weak points of the teams during game play? What are the strengths of the teams during game play?  4-  Imagine you are teaching someone to play volleyball who has never played before. Describe 10 rules of the game that you feel are most important and will give the person you are teaching the best idea of how the game is played. This part and only this part may be a list, however it is prefered to be in paragraph form with some details.