Softball paper

Part 1

The game of softball is slightly different than the game of baseball.  There are atleast 2 significant differences between the two sports.  Research to find these differences and then write a 1 page paper on the differences you have found.

Part 2

Choose any famous female softball player and provide a 2 page biography on her life, her success, her athletic career, etc.  It might be more helpful to look for an athelte that has played in an Olympics.  This must be double spaced, and you must cite all the sources you have used to write this paper. 

Part 3

Of all the positions on a softball field, which do you think is the most important? Which position do you think requires the most atheltic person on the team to play? What position can you compensate and put a less skilled individual? Explain why.

Part 4

Act as a newspaper reporter and write a one page entry on the overall game play of this class.  Comment on individual students and on each team as a whole.  Be creative.