Lead runner: The runner who is closest to home plate.

Force out: If there is a runner directly behind the lead runner, all you need to do is step on the base to get them out.

Tag out: When there is no runner directly behind the lead runner you must tag the runner in order to get them out.

Infield Fly Ball Rule: When there are runners on 1st and 2nd and there are less than 2 outs and a ball is popped up in the infield then the hitter is automatically out and the ball is considered dead.  The runners do not advance.

Cut-off man: When the ball is hit in the outfield, in order to minimize the distance the outfielder has to throw the ball, the cut off man will go out and receive the ball. The cut off man can then get a more accurate throw to the base than the outfielder. Usually the 2nd baseman or the SS will go out and get the cut off.  When the ball is in right field the 2nd baseman goes out for the cut off and the SS covers 2nd base.  When the ball is in left field the SS goes out for the cut off and the 2nd baseman covers 2nd base. 

Foul Ball:  If the ball bounces fair between 1st and home or 3rd and home and then rolls/bounces foul the ball is considered foul.  If the ball bounces fair past 1st or 3rd base and then rolls or bounces foul the ball is fair.

Bunt: The ball is hit within the area between the pitchers mound and home plate

Mercy rule: If a team is leading by 10 or more runs the mercy rule will go into effect.  This rule goes into effect immediately after the run that pushes the team over the limit scores.  Ex: It is the 3rd inning, the Apples are beating the Banana’s 6-4 and the Apples are up at bat.  If there are 2 outs, a runner on 3rd, a score of 13-4 and the batter hits a homerun as soon as the runner on 3rd scores the inning is over.  That runner pushes the score 14-4 and the mercy rule goes into effect and it is an automatic change of sides.  The runner who hit the homerun does not score.

Pinch runner: The player with the last recorded out for the team is the player allowed to run in place of another runner.

Leading:This is when the runner on base takes a few steps off of their base

Stealing: This is when the runner runs to the next base without the ball being hit by the batter.

Tagging up:  This is like a stealing a base during a deep fly ball.  The runner remains on their base until the ball is caught.  Once the ball is caught the runner takes off in a sprint to the next base before they are tagged out.  This is a key way to score runs when there is a player on 3rd base and deep fly ball is hit.

Run-Down AKA “The Pickle”: When a runner is caught between 2 bases and the fielders are closing in on them trying to get them out.