-There will be 3 outs per inning.

- Games will be 7 innings long.  They will usually take 2 classes to finish. 

- There will be no called balls or strikes.  You will receive a strike for a swing and miss or a foul ball/tip. Three strikes and you are out.  If you hit 5 foul balls in one at bat you are out.

- Foul balls will be called by me only.

- Every game must have a new line-up. 

- There will be an automatic out given when a player bats out of order.

- A pinch runner may used if a player has an injury. 

- There will be a 10 run mercy rule. 

                        If the team is winning by:

                        10 or more runs= they only get 2 outs

                        15 or more runs= they only get 1 out

                        20 or more runs= the players must bat from the opposite side of the plate

-Infield Fly Ball Rule is in effect.  The infield fly ball rule will be called, once the ball is hit, by either by me only. 

- When tagging the runner you can either tag them with the ball or with the ball in the glove.  You cannot tag the runner with the glove while the ball is in your throwing hand. 

- An automatic extra base will be given for an overthrow to 1st base or 3rd base.

- There is NO stealing of any base.

-  Leading is NOT allowed.

- There is NO  tagging up on deep fly balls.

-Throwing of the bat is NOT allowed.  If the bat is thrown it is an automatic out! The ball is considered dead and the runners will not be allowed to advance. There is no running with the bat to first base.  If the player takes the bat to first base it is an automatic out.  These are serious safety issues and everyone is required to place the bat down before heading to first base to prevent any injuries.