Locker Room Rules

Locker Room Rules

(If you do not follow these rules, you will get detentions!!!)

Rule #1

No food or drinks are allowed in the locker room!!!

Rule #2

Before you enter the locker room, read the Board for instructions from your teachers.

Rule #3


You are not allowed to store your clothes in the locker room over night!!!  All items must be removed after your PE class.

Rule #4

Do not leave your belongings out, double check that you locked everything up.

Rule #5

Your lockers must be locked at all times.  No excuses!!

(Don’t lock your combination in the locker)

Rule #6

No cell phone use in the locker room!!!

Rule #7

Only athletes are allowed to use the Sports Lockers!!!

Rule #8

Do not share lockers!!!

Rule #9

If you need any help, please ask Mrs. Wagner.  If you break any of the above rules, you will get detention.