Tai Chi - Effects of Tai Chi Practice


The benefits of practicing tai chi are far-reaching, and you will feel the effects in everything that you do, from simply going about your daily routine to playing sports in which coordination and balance play an integral role. For Example:

  • At work, those who practice tai chi find they are more relaxed and in control of situations that arise during the course of the day, and are also more open to the creative process, since the flow of mental energy is not uninhibited by tension. In addition, negative energies in others can be anticipated and dealt with successfully.


  • Coping with pain, if you suffer from chronic arthritis or back pain, the gentle flowing movements of tai chi can help to control and ease your condition, and thereby improve your quality of life.


  • Skiing, Tai chi's emphasis on balance, soft knees and a low center of gravity is of enormous benefit to those learning to ski. The body feels more grounded, more in control. Also the limbs become better coordinated, and the joints suppler, and less prone to injury.


  • Horseback Riding, A horse needs a balanced rider to be able to perform what is asked of it. Tai chi allows us to explore self-awareness and develop balance and sensitivity, once these qualities have been developed on the ground they can then be transferred to the saddle, enabling the rider to transmit clearer signals to the horse.