What is Tai Chi & What is Yoga?

What is Tai Chi and Yoga?



Tai Chi:

     Although it might seem to be tailor-made for dealing with the modern world and its relentless pressures, tai chi has been around for centuries.  This integrated exercise system for body, mind, and spirit dates as far back as 3,000 B.C. in ancient China.  The literal translation of “tai” is “big” or “great” and “chi” is translated as “ultimate energy”.  Therefore, tai chi is about generating and feeling energy through movementů. the ultimate energy that powers the universe-everything from the greatest star down to the smallest of microscopic creatures.

     Tai chi is a very effective form of martial art.  The martial arts flourished in China during the Middle Ages when people blended the familiar techniques of punching, kicking, and striking with the long and venerable tradition of therapeutic exercise that had developed over the centuries.  To this, the medical knowledge of the energy structure of the human body was then added, and the result was the birth of “tai chi ch’uan”.  In recent times, there has been a huge resurgence of interest in the original principles of energy flow that underlie tai chi and this has led many people, drawn by tai chi’s inherent grace and beauty, to explore once again its healing and inspirational qualities.

     Tai chi is a special way of looking at life- a path of inspiration and a guide toward relaxation and health.  Daily practice will increase your sense of well-being and help you deal with the stress of modern living.  It can also release one’s creativity and help you stay sharp, optimistic, and alert.