Support our Franciscan Value to :

Proclaim Joy and Hope




1. Have the students (or adults) write letters on the attached stationery or design their own (no stamps or envelopes necessary)  to the elderly (laity) in Nursing Homes, Priests, Religious Sisters and Brothers in Nursing Homes, and veterans in Hospitals Once they’ve written one letter, they can – re- write extra copies, it’s easy!!! Taking the time to write  a personal letter makes a real difference in making others smile at Christmas.


 What can I write? It’s easy- write one letter and then you can make more copies and we are bringing joy to the elderly. Begin with: Dear Friend. Tell the students to write cheerful thoughts- they can talk about High School, write about their families,  activities at  school  that they belong to,, write about  what  they like to do what brings them joy? Be creative.  Do not mention being sick or in the hospital only cheerful thoughts!!!!


Once the letters are written , they can be Handed in to Mr. Albaneze. Please hand them in by 12/13/19.

The Christmas letters for the elderly will be hand delivered by FYM to the residents of  local Catholic Nursing Homes. FYM will also collaborate with other clubs that assist at Nursing Homes for the laity, priests, religious and veterans.

Faculty, Staff, Coaches, Students, Friends, your family - all can help! Thank you for your generous spirit. 

God bless and keep smiling!    :   )