Pi Day 2020

It's that time of year again..... On Thursday March 12, 2020 we will celebrate Pi Day.  You will have an opportunity to do something for EXTRA CREDIT!  You can make a poster (half a sheet of poster paper), write a report (one page minimum), do a presentation, make/build something, sing a song, perform a rap, recite some pi, do a dance or a cheer. Please be creative. If you have an idea, and you are not sure, just ask me. If you wish, you can do something as a group. (Be sure that everyone does their fair share of the work, and be sure that everyone performs.) 

Posters etc. are due by Thursday March 5th. If you are going to perform, be ready on Thursday March 12th. You will do it for the class. Any questions? Please ask. The point is to have fun, and maybe even learn something. Good luck!

T-Shirt orders are due by WEDNESDAY 2/5/19 @ 2:45 pm.