Course Selection 2020


You basically have two choices,


Algebra 2 (5320) or Algebra 2 Honors (5300).

Algebra 2A (5370) is by INVITATION ONLY.

In order to qualify for HONORS you need an average of at least 95% for the first two quarters and a grade of at least 85% on Algebra 1 CC Regents Exam..

You also need my recommendation, which means that you follow my course requirements, cooperate in class and do all your homework.

I will not put you in honors if you do not do your work or you can not behave properly, it is not fair to the other students who are motivated to succeed.

If you qualify for honors but do not wish to take honors, you do not have to. If you sign up for honors and your grades drop during the rest of this year,or you do poorly on the Regents Exam, you will be removed in June.

If you do not have the grades to qualify now, there is a very small chance that you can get into honors in June. Your grades have to improve AND THERE MUST BE ROOM. Basically someone has to transfer out and you need to be the next best candidate on the list.

Please talk about this with your parents and guidance counselor.

I will approve everyone during the week of January 27th.

If you take H Period or Extra Credits, I will approve you at that time also.

Online registration opens on January 31st.