Diet Project

Diet Project

Choose a diet/weight loss/weight gain program/food lifestyle (vegan, raw foodist, etc.)

You will present your program to the class with a powerpoint presentation.  This is an oral presentation not a written report.  The only part that will be written is a copy of "a day on the diet" for each of your classmates to review. 

     What is the background of the author(s), group, or inventor(s) of the diet?  What makes them an expert in the field of nutrition?

     What is the main idea or theme of the program.

     Does the program encourage or include some form of physical activity.  Explain.

     Does the diet give tips on how to change eating habits – give examples?

     Does the program encourage a variety of foods from all the food groups of the food pyramid?  If so how much.  If not, why.

     Does the diet list any precautions or warnings?  If so what are they and why.

     How much will it cost to follow the program?  (food, books, pills, dues, etc.)

     Does the diet count calories or grams of certain foods?

     Does the program encourage at least 1200 calories a day?

     Do you see any potential dangers?

     Is this program only recommended for a specific period of time?

     Does it include taking pills, supplements, etc?  Why?  What is the additional cost if any?

     What results does your program claim it will accomplish.

     In your opinion would this be an easy plan to follow and live by.  Why/why not?

     IMPORTANT** Based on your knowlegde of nutrition .... Do you recommend this program?  Explain.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of this program.  Is it healthy? Is it safe?

****     Include a sample of a day with your program. (25 copies) Include all meals, snacks, water, beverages, pills, etc.  (Typed )  Do not choose a program that does not provide enough information to complete the assignment.   I suggest you use a book - bring the book to class on the day of the presenation.