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      We had a good week discussing I Am the Messenger.  People have been making good comments and sharing good insights: good work.  Keep it up.  As I said in class this week, we are getting better at our close reading: looking and passages and making inferences and then making connections to other parts of the book.  As you finish the novel this weekend, keep doing that.  Zusak is bringing the novel to a sense of closure.  Part Four is great and has good messages with Ed's friends.  Part Five can be a little confusing when Ed meets the person who has been sending him the messages.  Do not get bogged down in that; keep moving to the end.  The end of the novel is great. Enjoy it all.  You can send me an email with questions.  We will talk about the end on Tuesday.  Be sure to write in your journal.  If you are having trouble keeping track of the different messages, write after every few chapters.  

      The remote learning and teaching have been challenging.  Many of you have told me that: I get it.  I am proud of the good work you are doing.  I am excited to be returning to school and to see you in person.  You will still be home every other day.  It is essential that you keep your focus and stay engaged.  Ask and answer questions.  Take control of your education.  Be sure to do the writing I give you in class.  Even though it is hard, take the risk and volunteer answers.  We are almost there: keep working hard.

      This is the last week of the second quarter.  I know you have a lot of work to do.  Use the weekend to catch up and get ahead.  End the quarter well.  Then we will begin the second half of the year on 25 January -- if you can believe it.  Be present to the moment.

      You received the materials for course selection.  Please watch the video with your folks and look at all the other materials.  Start thinking about classes for next year.  I will talk about English 10, honors classes, and the whole process on Tuesday.  Again, send me questions.  This is also a good time to speak with your guidance counselor about classes and your time at St. Francis Prep.  Please make the most of the great opportunity your folks are giving you.  All shall be well. 

      I hope all your classes are going well.  Keep working hard.  Ask questions.  Be patient with yourself and everyone. Your folks are giving you a great opportunity to get an education.  This is your education: please take control of and make the most of it.   Keep following all the health directives in school and at home.  Stay well. However long this pandemic lasts, I promise we will make the most of the time.  Be present to this moment.  Have a good weekend and great week ahead.  Take care.  God bless us all.

** Here is the link to the Library information about taking out an ebook.  Use this to get an ebook version of I Am the Messenger if you could not get a physical copy.  https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1b1LDxqnlB4vI2b9SCDcPsScZN7JQBKBwT6r2kSUsQfI/edit#slide=id.p 


MONDAY, 18 JANUARY: Today is Martin Luther King Day.  We are off.  Think about his legacy and what he worked for.  He was an advocate for peace and justice, as we all try to be.  After we finish I Am the Messenger, we will watch and listen to his famous "I Have a Dream" speech and discuss it.

TUESDAY, 19 JANUARY: Finish reading the rest of I Am the Messenger for class today. Journal: Write about what you are thinking and feeling at the end of the novel.
- I posted a Thought Response. It is due Tuesday, 19 January., at 10:00 p.m.

WEDNESDAY, 20 JANUARY: Have I Am the Messenger for class.  We will continue our discussions.

THURSDAY, 21 JANUARY: Do the exercises for Vocabulary unit 6.  Submit them in SadlierConnect by 8:00 a.m.
- Have I Am the Messenger for class.  We will continue our discussions.

FRIDAY, 22 JANUARY: Have I Am the Messenger for class.  We will continue our discussions.
- We will start to work on our literary analysis essay on the novel.  

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