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      We did some excellent work on I Am the Messenger this week.  People have been making really good comments and making good connections.  Well done.  Let's keep it up.  Over the weekend, finish the rest of the novel.  Part 4 has Ed's last 3 messages: you might imagine the recipients.  Part 5 reveals the person behind everything.  As I said in class, the novel very briefly gets weird.  Don't worry about it.  Some other important things happen in part 5.  Just enjoy the reading.  Take time to write in your journal.  

      We talked a bit about the song essay.  Give time to your thinking and writing.  You can send or show me drafts.  You love the music.  Now do some good analytical thinking about the song you chose.  It is due Thursday.

      We have the quiz on Vocabulary unit 6 on Tuesday.  Start studying now.  I will stay after class on Monday for review.

      We all know this last week is going to be challenging.  be sure to use the weekend to prepare well for all the things you will have this week.  Go to extra help sessions.  Get plenty of sleep.  End the quarter well.  Do your best.

      During the weekend, be sure to have time with your family and friends.  Take time to go to religious services.  Get outside. Be sure every day to exercise, eat well, and sleep.  Have a great week ahead.  Do your best.  God bless you.

* Always complete the homework for the day indicated.

MONDAY, 14 JANUARY: Finish reading I Am the Messenger for today.  Journal: Write about how Ed has changed through the course of the novel.  We will have a quiz.  Bring the novel.
** I will hold a review session after school for Tuesday's Vocabulary quiz.  Everyone is invited.

TUESDAY, 15 JANUARY: We will have the quiz on Vocabulary unit 6 today.
- Bring the novel.

WEDNESDAY, 16 JANUARY: Bring the novel.

THURSDAY, 17 JANUARY: Your song essay is due today.
_ Bring the novel.

FRIDAY, 18 JANUARY: Bring the novel.

* Please make sure you have the Pearson textbook app on your iPad.  Our next work will be reading excerpts from The Odyssey.  It is in the e-text.