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      We had another good week working on Othello.  I sensed that we made some major breakthroughs this week.  Iago's plan for revenge has finally started.  Cassio has lost his job; but Iago continues to go for further vengeance against Othello.  Where will it lead?  We will soon see.  People have been asking good questions and making good comments: keep it going.  It has taken us a long time to get here, but the play will move more quickly now.  Keep at it.  Enjoy it.

      I hope you enjoyed your program on Friday.  We had a great time at the Bronx Zoo with the sophomores.  You will have some kind of trip next year.

      I hope you are enjoying your long Memorial Day weekend.  We are getting our first taste of Summer.  Enjoy the time with your family and friends.  At the same time, be sure to remain intellectually engaged.  When we return to school on Tuesday, we will have 10 more days of classes.  Then you will have 3 more things -- final and Regents exams.  Keep your focus.  Work hard right up to the end.  Do your best.

      Over the weekend, finish your comparison-contrast essay.  Enjoy the project.  Give a lot of time to it.  Do your best writing.

      As we continue to close in on the end of the year, keep up the good work.  Keep your focus.  End the year well.  Do your best.

      During the weekend, be sure to have time with your family and friends.  Take time to go to religious services.  Get outside. Be sure every day to exercise, eat well, and sleep.  Have a great week ahead.  Do your best.  God bless you.

* Always complete the homework for the day indicated.

MONDAY, 27 MAY: Today is Memorial Day.  We remember all those who have died defending our country.  As you enjoy your long weekend, say a prayer for all those men and women who have defending our way of life.  God bless them all.

TUESDAY, 28 MAY: Your comparison-contrast essay is due today.
- Bring Othello.

WEDNESDAY, 29 MAY: Bring Othello.

THURSDAY, 30 MAY: Today is Ascension Thursday, a holy day.  Get to Mass in your parish.  We have the day off -- and tomorrow, too.  This is a welcome four-day weekend.  At the same time, make sure you do a little work each day.  It is especially important to keep your academic focus at this time of year.  Enjoy the weekend.  Get outside.

FRIDAY, 31 MAY: You have the day off.  We have the Graduation Mass for the seniors.  It is a beautiful day.  Keep doing your best: you will get there before you know it.

MONDAY, 3 JUNE: Bring Othello.

TUESDAY, 4 JUNE: We will have a test on what we have read in Othello so far: characters, plot, key terms. I will give you a study sheet.
- Bring Othello.