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Welcome to Square Dancing!!!

****If you click on the links section of this website, you will find the music for each dance.  (If you would like to practice or listen at home)

Information for Test


4 couples in a square.

The person across from you is your opposite.

The boy who stands on the girls left and the girl who stands on the boy's right are partners.

The boy who stands on the girls right and the girl who stands on the boy's left are corners.

Couple 1 - back to music box

Couple 2 - is to the right of couple 1.

Couple 3 - is to the right of couple 2 and across from couple 1.

Couple 4 - is to the right of couple 3 and across from couple 2.

Head Couples are couples 1 & 3.

Side Couples are couples 2 & 4.



Honoring - Gentleman Bow, Ladies Curtsy

Swing - Link right elbows and skip around each other back to your spot.

Do-Si-Do - Face your partner.  Cross arms by bending your elbows and bring them up to chest level.  Passing right shoulders perform a box step around your partner and go back to your spot.

Promenade - Hold right hands with your partner and hold left hands under the right hands.  Together, you will skip around the square and visit the homes of all the other couples until you end up back at your home position.

Grand Right and Left (Yankee Doodle, Duck for the Oyster, and Darling Nellie Grey) - Face your partner and shake right hands, pull passed your partner and reach with your left hand the next person's left hand.  Pull passed that person on the left side, and reach out to the next person with your right hand.  Continue alternating right and left hands until your reach your partner.  This motion should appear as if you are "swimming".

Alemande Left (Duck for the Oyster and Darling Nellie Grey) - Face your corner and grab left hands.  Walk around each other until you end up back to your spot.

Star (Yankee Doodle) - One couple will be visiting another couple.  Both couples put their right hand into the center to form the "star".  Together they will walk/skip in clockwise direction.  When the caller says, "back by the left", the couples will switch arms and put their left hand into the center, and walk/skip in a counter-clockwise direction.

Circle (Heads & Sides, Do-Si-D0 & Swing, 2 Head Ladies, Around the Outside and Swing, Duck for the Oyster, Darling Nellie Grey) - Either performed with the whole square or couples.  All join hands to form a circle.  This group will skip in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction depending on the call.  They must keep a circle formation.

All into the center (Two heads Ladies,  Around the Outside & Swing)- This move is performed with the whole square.  All join hands to form a circle.  All walk into the center with arms raised up above the head.  Drop hands and walk back out.  Usually performed 2x.


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