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Testing Days for Group Dance

A Period (4,5) - February 7 (Day 5)

C Period (1,5) - February 7 (Day 5)

E Period (5,7) - February 11 (Day 7)

F Period (4,7) - February 11 (Day 7)

G Period (5,7) - February 11 (Day 7)

Check out the Sophomore Dance!!!!!!!!  Click on the link below and practice at home!


Introduction To Modern Creative Creative Dance

Fundamental Movements

  1. Axial - movement done in stationary position. Standing, sitting, kneeling, lying down (twist, bend stretch, raise, lower, fall...).
  2. Locomotor - movements done while moving across the floor (walk, run, leap, jump, hop, slide, skip, chasse).

Types of Movement

   1) Pendulum - swinging movements - even beats: 12___34

   2) Percussive - sharp movements - accented beats: 1,2,3,4

   3) Sustained - slow movements - even beats: 1+2+3+4

Elements of Dance

  1. Change in direction - movement forward, backward, side-ward, diagonal.
  2. Change in level - movements standing, jumping, kneeling, sitting, lying down.
  3. Change in focus - movements in which you look in different places.
  4. Change in numbers - dancing in unison, opposition or sequence.
  5. Variety of movements - use different types, see above.
  6. Change in floor pattern - using the movements to form various shapes on the floor, such as circle, straight line, two lines, triangle, etc.
  7. Dynamics - using movement to build up to peak.
  8. Ending - it should be stressed and it should be held on a very strong movement.

First Study

  1. Get into groups of 4, 5, or 6 people.
  2. Using 2 pendulum, 2 percussive and 2 sustained movements to make up a short dance. NO MUSIC YET!
  3. Make sure you use at 2 different floor patterns, 3 different levels, 2 changes in direction and a strong ending.
  4. You have one day to create, one day to practice and the last day all groups will be marked.
  5. All groups must watch each other and make comments.
  6. Comments will also be part of your grade.

Final Study

  • Get into groups of 4, 5, or 6 people. This dance will be done to pre-selected music.
  • Use pendulum, percussive and sustained movements throughout the dance. There is no required amount of motions. You must complete the whole, entire song.
  • You must use 3 different floor patterns, 5 different levels, 3 changes in direction and a strong ending.
  • You must include changes in numbers - dancing in unison, opposition and sequence.
  • Same requirements as number 5 & 6 in the First Study.

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