We had a good week working on some different things.  We have finished Of Mice and Men.  I hope you enjoyed the reading.  It is a sad but great book.  We did really good reading and thinking.  We will continue to build on the good reading skills we used in thinking about the novel.  Good work: keep it up.

      This weekend, give time to finishing your writing assignment.  For Part One, think about how the point of view changes our reading of the novel.  Think of what is gained and lost through your character's narration.  For Part Two, you will become that character and have him or her narrate part of a scene.  You can use a little dialogue, but the narration should mostly be your character's thoughts and feelings.  Have fun.  Do your best.

      We started this unit on poetry.  We did a really good job with "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."  We will spend the next two weeks or so looking at a variety of poems.  Continue to be open and think well.  Enjoy the beauty of the poems.

      On Tuesday, we have the quiz on Vocabulary unit 3.  Study this weekend.  I will stay after class on Monday for review.

      We continue on into the second quarter.  We move on.  Affirm your good work; commit yourself to doing better and continuing to work hard.  Use the resources of the school to help you improve.  Keep at it.  Do your best.

    I hope all your other classes are going well.  Be sure to ask questions when you need help.  Many teachers give regularly-scheduled extra help: get to those sessions.  Manage your time.  Stay on top of your work.  Keep working well. 

      During every weekend, be sure to have quality time with your family and friends.  Take time for your spiritual life; go to services and pray  -- always.  Get outside and get exercise everyday.  Every night, get at least 7 hours of sleep.  Have a great week ahead. Do your best.  Take care.  God bless you.


MONDAY, 18 NOV.: We will continue our work on poetry and grammar.
* I will stay after class to review for tomorrow's Vocabulary quiz.

TUESDAY, 19 NOV.: We will have the quiz on Vocabulary unit 3 today.
- We will continue our work on poetry and grammar.

WEDNESDAY, 20 NOV.: We will continue our work on poetry and grammar.

THURSDAY, 21 NOV.: Read Chapters 1-4 in Night. This is to page 65 in most editions. Journal: Write about what you think it would be like to experience what young Elie is experiencing. We will have a quiz.
- We will start work on a group project on the Holocaust.

FRIDAY, 22 NOV.:  Do Vocabulary unit 4 for today.  be sure to submit the assignments by 8:00 a.m.

** We are in the midst of our Thanksgiving Drive.  Please be as generous as possible.  Nurture a grateful heart.  Thank you.