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Welcome to Mr. Ikioda's Biology Class for the 2021-2022 school year! 

Please be sure to read the course syllabus to familiarize yourself with course expectations. You can find the link on the right of this webpage. The outline/curriculum for the course is under the "Files" tab. 

Below is information about the websites we will be using throughout the year. 

Google Classroom: 

All major announcements, assignments, and updates will be communicated on Google Classroom. Please make sure you are using the appropriate code for your period. See table below for your class google classroom code. It is highly recommended that parents also join the class to be notified about class updates throughout the year. 


Please visit turnitin.com, create an account using your SFP email and join the appropriate class using the correct Class ID and Class enrollment key. You will be uploading all lab reports here! See below for your Turnitin information. The ID and enrollment key are both case sensitive so I DO NOT recommend copying and pasting them. Actually type them out!  Again see below for your class' ID and class enrollment key.


Please visit edpuzzle.com,  SIGN UP with your SFP email account, and join the appropriate class using the correct edpuzzle code. This is where your HW Videos will be located. Again, the code is case sensitive, so please type it out. 

Class PeriodGoogle Classroom CodeEdpuzzle CodeTurnitin Codes
B-Periodmi4a5aaopisobiClass ID: 31549683
Enrollment Key: biodiversity
D-Periodtx7wvhvhidconvClass ID: 31549741
Enrollment Key: dendrite
F-Perioddxhsii6kujatlaClass ID: 31549793
Enrollment Key: fossils
H-Period3y6doqezotejotClass ID: 31549843
Enrollment Key: hypertonic


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