Course Description for Music Lessons (Music 2520)


                                    Academic Year 2019-2020


This program is open to all students who participate in one or more of the school’s performing groups. The Music Lesson Program offers individual or small group instruction to concentrate on the students technical and musical needs. This is to enhance the students ability to understand and enhance training received in the school’s performing ensembles. Students will meet with a member of the school’s music faculty once per cycle during the school day.  When scheduling music lessons, the music department will try to match students with the faculty member best suited to their needs. Students should play at least 30 minutes a day to better their over all performance. 

                                 Attendance and lateness:


Since this course meets only once per cycle, all students must be in attendance at all times.

        The following deductions will be made when necessary:


 Five (5) points off the quarterly grade for each lateness.          Automatic (15) points off the quarterly grade for cutting and (5)                           points off for unprepared

Students will be advised verbally if a pattern occurs that will lead to a lower grade. 

                                         Materials Needed:


  •        Students must bring their instruments and music for every lesson at all times. 
  •        Students will learn 15 major scales as well as their music for band. 
  •        Students should keep their sheet music in a ringed binder at all times. 


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