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Your online lecture for 11/21/18 is to watch the movie (online) "The Accident: The Moment of Truth".  You must write a 1 1/2 typed response paper citing specific details from the movie.  The paper should be double spaced, 12 font, times roman.

Schedule for the week of January 7th:

Monday 1/7  Pierce and Logan

Tuesday 1/8  Alyssa and Nicole

Wednesday 1/9  Alyssa and Nicole

Thursday 1/10 

Friday 1/11 Victor and Anna

As we approach the end of the semester, I will be altering the usual schedule.  Please let me know ASAP if you cannot drive at at a scheduled time.

Monday 1/14  Morgan and David

Tuesday 1/15 Anna and Allison

Wednesday 1/16 Nicole and Hariklia

Thursday 1/17 Alyssa

Friday 1/18 Pierce and Logan