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FINAL EXAM DATES! June 5th, June 6th, and June 7th. Begin reviewing your notes!


GOLIATH Paper due this Monday 5/13/19 (assigned just before Easter break). Please submit on Google Classroom! If you would like, you may hand in a paper copy. 


TEST Wednesday 4/17 on MOSES, THE EXODUS, AND THE TEN COMMANDMENTS! As always, KAHOOT! review on MONDAY and you are all encouraged to take notes!


TEST THURSDAY 4/4 ON ABRAHAM AND THE PATRIARCHS (ABRAHAM, ISAAC, JACOB, AND JOSEPH STORIES). We will have KAHOOT! review on Wednesday and, as always, you are all encouraged to take notes!


Test next week March 13th on Intro to Bible, the categories of the Old Testament, and Genesis stories. In order to account for this, the project will be due March 18th/19th so that students have a little more time to work on projects inside and (if possible) outside of class. Directions are located in the previous post!


Old Testament Project due March 15th

See directions here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/18cuBIKE8gl0WPCyyrtCCLMbY3xTqCgVaHHzwEdZ-Rjs/edit?usp=sharing 


Make up times for the Midterm. 

Tuesday 2/12 H period 7:45 AM in W205 

Wednesday 2/13 H period 7:45 AM in W214

If you missed both parts, please be sure to complete Part 1 before Part 2. 

Bring a #2 pencil and a pen. 

If you are unable to attend one of these sessions please email me!


Long time, no see! Welcome to the 3rd Quarter! First assignment, Scriptural References, is due 1/30

The Religion 9 Midterm will be given on 2/6, 2/7, and 2/8. We will review prior to these dates and an extra review session may be given during an H Period (7:45 AM) should any student seek more help. If you are absent, make sure to ask a friend for the review notes! 

As always, if you have any questions please email me! 

Have a happy and healthy new year!


Out of the kindness of my heart, the project has been pushed back to Dec. 3rd! Here is a link to the directions, which you already had! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1TTlaMrNQCbrzi69r4r9LJfJJBpYIG4LZwGuNDDD-4kc/edit?usp=sharing

Test on Prayer and Saints this Friday, 11/30! KAHOOT! Review tomorrow!


Please go to the following link for the We are Saints Rubric. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1liOKYA2qewEbIKv3mcq3RibkztHGWQ61WYpwZIUgvKI/edit#gid=0 

It is due 11/30!


Hello All and welcome to the 2nd Quarter! 

The readings on Prayer from Ch. 10 of Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation should be completed by 11/19! Please complete this assignment on Google Classroom!

The We are Saints project is due 11/30! Students will begin working on it in class.


Please know that make ups for the test will be given in W205 during H period (7:45 - 8:15) on WEDNESDAY 11/7!

If you are unable to make it, please let me know and we will pick another time! End of quarter is this Friday!


Test on St. Francis, St. Clare, and the Franciscan Values Wednesday Oct. 31st.

Crossword puzzle on St. Francis due Monday 10/29 (already started in class). 

Please be sure to submit all and any work before the end of the quarter, Nov. 9th!


First, At This Moment Paper has been pushed back to Oct. 1st! You may submit it on Google Classroom.

Test will be given Wednesday 9/26 on the Call to Holiness and the prayer of St. Francis!

In case you are interested, the Student Activities Fair will be held in the cafeteria after school on Sept. 26th! Come check out all the different clubs and activities! Get involved!


Make sure you complete the newest assignment: Be a Living Instrument of Peace due SEPT. 25TH!
At This Moment Paper is due Sept. 27th!
Test will be given Wednesday on the Call to Holiness and the prayer of St. Francis! Short review on Monday!


If you have not, please purchase the textbook Jesus Christ: Source of Our Salvation (2012 version). If you are having an issue with purchasing the textbook please let me know!


The first paper, At This Moment, will be due September 27th! It is located under files! Please print and hand in! Make sure you save your work.


Hello and welcome to all!

Here is where you will find important announcements. 

For now, here are the Google Classroom codes:

B Period - wbikz7

C Period - 3oitdt

D Period - pm5mxjd

F Period - mm3hzb

G Period - 6gd3fo2

Have a great school year! - Mr. Vlkovic