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Remember, Extra Credit can be submitted at ANY time during the semester.  It must be ART RELATED and CREATED RECENTLY FOR THIS CLASS (and not something used for another.)  Any Extra Credit is added onto the final Quarter Grade as needed.



TWO Geometric Abstraction Compositions.
-Use your grid and create your 15x20 composition.
-Map out your rhythm.
-Use ONLY 30, 60, 90 and 180 degree angles.
-First break up the NDA and PDA by using angles that will go ALONG your rhythm.
-Then, continuously break down the NDA and PDA evenly so to keep the rhythm visible and the emphasis at the end strong and interesting.
-Remember, do DO NOT intentionally make shapes. The lines OVERLAP and INTERACT. This will CREATE interesting and new shapes.
-Also, be careful to not have "HANGING" lines. Always CLOSE OFF your lines.

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