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We are beginning our drama studies with the earliest theatre - Greek tragedy.  Our first play will be Oedipus Rex by Sophocles.  Please make sure you are bringing this to class everyday.  

Our next play is Twelve Angry Men by Please make sure you have a copy and are bringing it EVERYDAY to class!

Our next play is A Streetcar Named Desire.  Please make sure you have a copy for class.

Hamlet is the next play we will be reading. I have a set of class copies.


For TUESDAY 5/7 - Please work on your revision of your "Letter to a Teacher" Use the following letter format:


Also, make sure you are SPECIFIC - don't just use generalizations like "you were great... I loved your class... you're nice"  Tell WHY you feel this way - use examples - share a memory.

If you are done with one - Please begin the second letter.

For Monday 3/25 - I am out today - Please complete the assignment on Google Classroom - read the poems and complete the worksheet.  All work should be submitted on Google Classroom by Tuesday 8am.

Over the Winter Break:

Please complete the Hamlet study questions .  This is due Feb 25th - the DAY OF THE EXAM!!! ... you will not receive a test unless you hand this in.  If you type it, you must print it out.

Have a wonderful winter break!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Over the break:

Outline, draft, peer edit, and revise your Streetcar Named Desire essay. (all worksheets and guidelines are on Google Classroom).

This is due NO LATER than FRIDAY 1/4/19.  It MUST be typed and printed out to be handed in.  5pts will be deducted each day the essay is late.  NO essay will be accepted after 1/8/19!!!

This is what we will be doing this week:

11/12 - NO SCHOOL - Veterans Day

11/13 - Go over Scene 1 in Streetcar workbook

11/14 - Read Scene 2 in class and discussion 

11/15 - Please log onto Google Classroom and work on Scene 2 in the Streetcar Workbook.  We will be going over this in class on Friday - so make sure you complete it.

11/16 - Go over Scene 2 in Streetcar Workbook - read Scene 3 - Scene 3 Workbook pages are due Monday.


10/29 - Continue Movie 


             E Period -  Please respond to the following questions on a sheet of looseleaf - I will collect this tomorrow!  Your responses should be well thought out - reflective - and include details/evidence from the play.  DO NOT JUST WRITE YOUR OPINION!

                    1. Based on what we know about him,  why do you think Three finally voted not guilty?

                    2.  How might the play have ended if Three had not changed his vote?  BE CAREFUL NOT TO JUST SPECULATE -                                use what you know about the play and its characters to develop your theory.

10/31 - Class discussion on Movie - comparison to script


11/2 - NO CLASSES - PD Day


10/22 - Twelve Angry Men - class reading - Character chart

10/23 - Twelve Angry Men - class reading - Case/evidence chart

10/24 - Twelve Angry Men - final class reading 

10/25 - Watch the original Twelve Angry Men movie

10/26 - continue watching 

TEST for Twelve Angry Men will be Nov. 5th 


10/15 - Go over Jury Webquest

10/16 - Murder Mystery Game - we will be working as a mock jury to figure out a case!

10/17 - 5 minute mysteries 

10/18 - Intro and begin Twelve Angry Men

            "E" Period - class will not meet

10/19 - In class reading of Twelve Angry Men - Character Chart & Case Info worksheets

           H.W. - Answer the first 5 questions from the study guide.


10/8 - No class Columbus Day

10/9 - Twelve Angry Men - Introduction

10/10 - No Class - PSAT & Freshmen activities

10/11 - Twelve Angry Men - WEBQUEST

10/12 - Twelve Angry Men - WebQuest - Continued - PLEASE FINISH FOR HOMEWORK - DUE SUNDAY @ 11:59PM


10/1 - Make sure you have read the ending of Oedipus

           Complete our class reading of Oedipus - class discussion of the ending

10/2 - 1st major writing assignment will be handed out today!

10/3 -  Last class discussion on Oedipus - Kahoot review game

10/4 - Final test on Oedipus Rex

10/5 - No Class - Feast of St. Francis

Our next play will be Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose - PLEASE HAVE THIS IN CLASS BY MONDAY 10/8/18


9/24 - Continue with Oedipus - we will be acting today!!! 

            B Period has a Guidance Visit for the whole period

9/25 - Continue with Oedipus - we will be acting today!!!

            E Period has a Guidance Visit for the whole period

9/26 - Continue with Oedipus - 

9/27 - Continue Oedipus reading

9/28 - Walk-A-Thon - no classes


9/17 - Greek Tragedy Quiz - review the Powerpoint on Google classroom

9/18/18 - Begin the Prologue of Oedipus - How does Sophocles develop Oedipus' character within the first 100 lines of the play?

9/19/18 - Continue reading - How does Sophocles present the conflict?  

9/20/18 - Continue reading Oedipus

9/21/18 - Continue reading Oedipus