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Welcome to Spanish I

Coming Up Next

Quiz Wednesday, May 22

(10 questions / 20 points)

El Pretérito - ir, estar, hacer, comer, y hablar

El Imperfecto - ser, ir, tener, hablar y ver

Oral Exam Tuesday & Wednesday, May 28 & 29

(6 exchanges / 100 points)

Topic: ¿Qué compraste en el supermercado? 

(diálogo usando el pretérito)

Key ideas: Food vocabulary (Quizlet), Preterit tense conjugations (notes)

Useful questions: 

¿Qué hiciste el fin de semana?

¿A cuál supermercado fuiste?

¿Qué compraste en el supermercado?

¿Qué (verduras) compraste? 

¿Cuánto costó en total?

Music Presentation due Monday, June 3

(5 minutes long / 100 points)

Research the music of your assigned Spanish-speaking country. 

Please include the following:

  1. the traditional music and musical genres of your country

  2. the traditional instruments of the country

  3. the traditional dances of your country

  4. important musicians in your country

  5. audio and video of the music and dances

  6. images which enhance your presentation

Thank you! And, welcome to Spanish!