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General Info: 

Moving forward: All assignments must be in within 48 hours of the time posted on Google Classroom.  It will be considered late but I will accept assignments before that 48 hour mark.  After that it will go down as a zero in Power School. 

  • For basic information about this class please look over the Course Requirements as it will go over my grading policy and what I expect in my class.
  • All general announcements, assignments, documents for class, etc. can be found on our Google Classroom page. 
  • Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me either via the private comments on Google Classroom or through email.
  • Please note the following:
    The teacher has the right to revise the syllabus at any time. If a revision takes place, the teacher will notify all students in writing. Students in all Social Studies classes are expected to use good digital citizenship while in class as well as while learning remotely. Students may only use the technological mediums/apps that are approved by the teacher. Students must have cameras turned on at all times when learning remotely. Students may not post any material that does not uphold the Franciscan mission and values. Students may not bully or use profanities in chats and must follow the teacher’s directives regarding posting in chats.  No one may record or photograph any part of any class without the expressed consent of the teacher, nor post or share any content or resources on any social media platform.  Any infractions of these rules and all rules set by St. Francis Prep will result in disciplinary action as well as academic penalty.
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