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St. Francis Preparatory High School


Mr. Perez

Office Hours: Room W106A by appointment

E-mail: cperez@stfrancisprep.org


Course ObjectiveStudents will actively develop an understanding of the core concepts of biology along with applying their knowledge of these concepts in the classroom, laboratory, and real world.



  • iPad
  • Pearson e-book
  • Living Environment Review Book (Bookstore)
  • SFP Lab Manual (Bookstore)
  • 1” three ring binder (for lab manual)
  • Two pocket folder (to store lab assignments)


Classroom Guidelines

  1. Respect: Students must respect the teacher, the classroom/laboratories, their peers, and themselves. This includes paying attention, listening and responding appropriately to the teacher/peers, and maintaining positive behavior. School rules and policies must be followed at all times within the classroom and labs.
    1. Preparedness/Materials: Students must be on time to class and prepared with materials on their desks. If a student is late to class, the student will receive detention. Cutting class will result in a 20-point deduction from the quarter grade and parent notification.
      1. Assignments: All class assignments, labs, and homework must be handed in neatly and on time.
      2. Missed Days: If a student is absent, the student is responsible for all assignments and missed work. The student should check Google Classroom or contact Mr. Perez through e-mail to discuss missed work. The student must present an absence pass to Mr. Perez when he/she returns to class that they acquired from the dean’s office.
      3. Excessive AbsencesClass attendance at St. Francis Prep is a major priority. All students are required to complete all required work even if they are absent. Please be advised classes missed due to lateness or early dismissal will be included in this group. If a student is excessively absent with no excuses, the teacher reserves the right to deduct points from the student’s grade.
      4. Food/Drinks: No food or drink is permitted in the class or lab.
      5. Disruptions/Distractions: Disruptions to the class, violation of the SFP dress code, or possession of cell phones, iPods, or other potentially distracting electronic devices during class may result in detention, grade deductions, or further disciplinary action.
      6. Electronic Devices/iPad Policy: The use of any electronic device, other than the iPad, must be approved by Mr. Perez. Students are prohibited from using any video or photography functions, gaming applications, and social media at all times in the classroom. The “Air Drop” feature must be turned off at all times in the class, unless stated otherwise by Mr. Perez. The school’s iPad and electronic device policy is stated in the student agenda book. Violation of the policy will result in academic/disciplinary action.
      7. Honor Code: All work must be completed by the individual student. Any violation of the Honor Code will receive severe academic consequences as outlined in the student agenda book.

Exams – 30%

Labs – 30%

Homework – 20%

Quizzes – 15%

Class Preparedness – 5%


*The final grade will be calculated from the four quarter grades (22.5% for each quarter) and the Biology Regents exam (10%). 


Description of Grading Policy


          Several exams/quizzes will be given each quarter. If a student misses an exam/quiz and has documentation, the student must contact Mr. Perez to schedule a makeup. If a student misses more than one exam per quarter, the student will receive a zero for the exam.


Laboratory Work

          In order to take the Living Environment Regents exam, each student must complete 1200 minutes of hands-on all labs with a minimum of 15 satisfactory lab reports. Four of the 15 labs are mandatory by New York State, so they MUST be completed properly to be eligible to take the Regents.

          All formal lab reports (these are announced in lab) must be typed and turned in to turnitin.com on time. A hard copy of the lab must also be handed in with a copy of the turnitin.com receipt stapled to it. Lab assignments/reports will be kept in the student’s laboratory folder in the lab room. Graded labs are never to be taken home.

          The labs will be due one cycle after the lab is completed. Any lab assignments that are submitted past the due date will receive 55% as the highest possible grade (meaning, if your lab is late by one day, they will automatically be graded out of 55% rather than 100%. 

Laboratory reports that are plagiarized will receive a 0% for a grade and will subject the student(s) to academic/disciplinary action. Please be advised that laboratory partners are NEVER to share any information other than experimental data. 

          All lab activities must be read prior to coming to the lab so that the student is prepared for the experiment. A laboratory quiz may be given before or after experimentation. If a student misses a laboratory session, the student must contact Mr. Perez by e-mail to discuss to ensure they properly get the data/make up the lab.

          Any student who does NOT fulfill the lab report/lab hour requirements will not take the Regents exam in June. They will take a final exam in its place AND will have to attend a Lab Deficiency Academy at the end of the school year (to complete the missing labs, and then will be considered eligible to take the Regents in August).



          Google Classroom will be the main resource for this classroom. Announcements, homework assignments, rubrics, and documents will be posted to this website. Students, even if they are absent, are expected to check Google Classroom daily. The majority of the homework will be submitted to Google Classroom. If a student has difficulty submitting an assignment to Google classroom, he/she must e-mail Mr. Perez with the homework assignment attached to the e-mail. Late homework assignments will lose 10% of points per day it is late.

          Google Classroom can only be accessed through the student’s SFP e-mail account. Unfortunately, parents/guardians cannot create individual accounts. Parents can request to receive updates on announcements each week from Google Classroom through Mr. Perez directly. It is also advised that students share their Google Classroom access information with their parents/guardians.


Extra Help

Extra help is available Wednesday mornings from 7:45-8:15 AM and Wednesday afternoons from 2:50-3:20 in W106. These sessions have one biology teacher present that can help students with questions they may have on topics, assignments, or other about the course. Students are also strongly encouraged to reach out to Mr. Perez for any questions or help they need outside of the weekly extra help session.


Contacting the Teacher 

The best way to get in contact directly with Mr. Perez is through email. When emailing, please allow at least 24 hours for a response. When contacting the science office (x231), feel free to leave a message with another teacher that will be given to Mr. Perez directly.


Course Syllabus (TENTATIVE)

Chapter 1- The Science of Biology

Chapter 7- Cell Structure and Function

Chapter 8- Photosynthesis

Chapter 9- Cellular Respiration

Chapter 10- Cell Growth and Division

Chapter 11- Introduction to Genetics

Chapter 12/13- DNA and RNA

Chapter 15- Genetic Engineering

Chapter 14- The Human Genome

Chapter 16- Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Chapter 17- Evolution of Populations

Chapter 19- The History of Life

Chapter 18- Classification

Chapter 3- The Biosphere

Chapter 4- Ecosystems and Communities

Chapter 5- Populations

Chapter 6- Humans in the Biosphere

Chapter 2- The Chemistry of Life

Chapter 30- Digestive and Excretory Systems

Chapter 31- Nervous System

Chapter 33- Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

Chapter 34- Endocrine and Reproductive Systems

Chapter 35- The Immune System and Disease

Chapter 32- Skeletal, Muscular, and Integumentary Systems

Chapters 22-24- Plant Physiology

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