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Computer Graphics

Ms. McNamee 

Fall 2021

[email protected]

Computer Graphics is a one-semester course open to juniors and seniors. This

course is an introduction to computer-driven illustration and design. Students will

make digital art using professional-level design software Adobe Photoshop and

Illustrator. Processes will be explored to construct a variety of products in digital

art. Lectures, demonstrations, and exercises will cover the range of expression

from initial concepts, thumbnails and sketches, to finished projects. Projects will

be compiled into a digital portfolio for a grade, and should be considered for

potential use in college admissions processes. This course fulfills the 1⁄2 credit

computer requirement for graduation.

Goals for this course: 

b Mastery of visual problem solving with digital finishes: students will

develop independent projects in response to proposed design problems

and assignments, and be able to execute an original design from

conception to finished product. 

b Software proficiency: students will demonstrate use, knowledge, and

understanding of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. 

b Critical thinking and analysis: students will learn to communicate ideas

through digital media, offer peer critique and articulate responses, and

learn to analyze digital works and illustrations for their design merits.

Grading & Evaluation

Projects are evaluated on design, concept, and execution of the project

objectives. This includes adherence to project requirements and attention to

detail. Students will be prepared for each project through research, written

assignments, and homework. Requirements for each assignment will be specific.

All projects and homework must be submitted on time and according to

guidelines (which will be given before each assignment).

Students’ grades will come from projects, tests, classroom participation,

attendance, and preparation. Please note that disrespect and dishonesty will not

be tolerated, and will negatively impact a student’s grade (see Classroom

Behavior & Discipline for specifics).

b Late homework will be accepted but with a 15 point deduction

b Students are responsible for each assignment, even when absent

b Projects are downgraded one letter grade per day when late

b Students are responsible for keeping up with Google Classroom and

PowerSchool. If an error is made with a grade, please come forward within

a week to get it changed.

b Students must record and keep track of assignments and upcoming



b The PowerSchool APP is recommended for a real-time notification

of student grades.

b The primary method of communication, posting assignments, and

submitting assignments will be through GOOGLE CLASSROOM.

o CLASS CODE: (has been emailed to you! Please let

me know if you are having trouble accessing Google Classroom.)

b HOMEWORK is expected on time, complete, and well-crafted.

Classwork will be directed, and grades will reflect effort and


o Homework and classwork will be graded on completion,

correctness, and craft. (e.g. if it is a drawing/sketching

assignment, did the student truly put forward their best effort,

and complete the assignment to the best of their ability?)

o Late homework will be accepted with a fifteen point deduction.

b PARTICIPATION includes class discussions, preparation for class,

careful attention in class, behavior, and keeping the classroom

orderly. Grades will reflect effort and execution:


Very good.................95%


Needs improvement....75%


No credit.....................0

Quarter grades are determined by:


Participation.... 10%

Classwork and Homework.........40%

Final grade is determined by:

First Quarter.........50%

Second Quarter......50%

Classroom Behavior & Discipline

b Students are expected to comply with all rules of St. Francis Prep as

outlined in the school calendar, including dress code, lateness, and the

honor code.

b Attendance:

o Attendance is required at each class session. Students should

show up prepared and ready to work. One point is deducted from

the student’s class average for each unexcused lateness.

o If a student knows about an absence ahead of time, please be in

contact with the instructor beforehand for directions about

upcoming assignments.

b 2) Respect and Integrity:

o Students are expected to show respect for the class, each other, as

well as all classroom facilities, furniture, and materials.

o Academic and artistic integrity are required at all times. Dishonesty,

plagiarism, and improper use of sources will not be tolerated, and

students should expect a failing grade on any project or assignment

where this occurs.

b 3) Electronics:

o iPads and cell phones are permitted in the classroom. On task

classroom use is allowed. Research, computer art programs, and

programming assignments are required. You may use an iPad to

take notes. Students are required to be on task with their electronic

devices- misuse is not permitted. Texting, music, and games are

not allowed. Failure to follow school policy will result in detention.

Please see school calendar for cell phone rules and procedures. If

a cell phone is visible or in use for activity unrelated to class, the

following rule breaking procedure will occur.

b If rule-breaking does occur, students will receive one verbal warning

before they are required to stay after class for a meeting with the teacher.

If this behavior continues, the student will receive a phone call home and

detention, then a meeting with the dean.

I have read and understood this course outline.

Parent/Guardian Signature:

Student Signature:

*If there are any questions regarding this course outline, please contact Ms. McNamee. Details are included in the next section


Requirements and expectations will be outlined at every stage of this course. If

there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher. If something arises that interferes with the student’s learning, please be in contact with the instructor.

During the quarter, there will be many ways to stay on track and involved with the


b Google Classroom- students must register for Google Classroom, and will

receive class emails and texts for notes and communication. This will be

kept up to date with assignments, teacher updates, and extra credit


b Class website- The course outline will be available here during the


b Powerschool - grades and assignments will be updated on Powerschool

regularly and is accessible to parents and students.

b Meetings- Ms McNamee is available to students for meetings at any time

throughout the quarter, feel free to stop by, ask during or after class, or

send an email if you would like to set up an appointment.

b Email- Parents and students are welcome to email Ms. McNamee at any point

to discuss the course, grades, or assignments, at [email protected]

b Phone call- If any problems occur during the quarter, please call Ms. McNamee at (718)423-88100 ext. 218. If there is no response, feel free to

leave a message, Ms. McNamee is frequently out of the department office

and in the classroom. Please email to request a phone call.

b If there are any questions regarding this outline or the course, please call

or email at any time.

b Follow the Art Department on Instagram to see student work and

department updates @sfp_art


Projects are accepted late. They are downgraded one full letter grade, per day

late (note = per day not per class session.) On the fourth day, the project may no

longer receive a passing grade (75-). On the fifth day, the project is

unacceptable (0).

If any problems occur throughout the semester, be sure to speak with Ms. McNamee

You may e-mail me any time regarding issues pertaining to this class. This is an

excellent way for parents and students to check up on grades and missing assignments.

Computer Lab Rules

b Students may not be in the computer lab without permission

b Only students currently enrolled in these classes are allowed to use the

lab, unless allowed by Ms. McNamee:

o Advanced Digital Design


o Computer Graphics

o Digital Photography

o Web Design

o Video Game Design

b No food or drinks are allowed in the computer lab at any time

b Notify a teacher of any broken equipment

b Students are expected to maintain the lab in a professional, tidy manner.

Failure to comply with these rules or any indication of intentional damage to

equipment or facilities may result in revoked lab privileges.

I have read and understood this course outline.

Parent/Guardian Signature:

Student Signature:

*If there are any questions regarding this course outline, please contact Ms. McNamee. Details are included in the next section

Supplies and Materials

Students must bring these required supplies to class every day.

b Students must use Google Drive for class storage and backing up work.

Students may also choose to get a flash drive for additional backups

(suggested size 8 - 16 GB)

b $15 cash or check (to St. Francis Prep) for Epson Printer Ink and paper

This covers all high quality inks and premium papers for the duration of the

semester. Students are permitted to print unlimited quantities for personal

projects and portfolios.** WE WILL BE HOLDING OFF ON THIS UNTIL


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