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ALL STUDENTS MUST REGISTER FOR MYSFP. Be sure to use a valid email address and to register for the correct course and class.

Any student who is absent must make up any and all missed work. It is the student's responsibility to find out what work was missed and to request a make-up. 

Students must be prepared for class everyday. Being prepared means having the correct books, pens and pencils, a fully charged iPad and being on time.

The Honor Code is strictly observed in this class and applies to everything we do. Students are expected to adhere to the school's honor code policy.



Alienist Essay: Tuesday, 1/15 (Day 4)

***Alienist Exam: Wednesday, 1/19 (Day 7)   ***NEW DATE***

HOMEWORK for 1/7/19: The Alienist writing assignment due tomorrow, 1/8 (Day 6).  Assignment will be collected on Wednesday, 1/9/19.

Finish reading The Alienist  for Monday, 1/7.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Break Work: Read chapters 32-40 of The Alienist.  Quiz #5: Friday, 1/4 (day 4).


HOMEWORK for 11/14: Possession questions due: Friday, 11/16 (Day 2).

Students must obtain a copy of Caleb Carr's novel The Alienist, which they should begin reading.  The first reading assignment will be due on Thursday, 11/15 (Day 1)


HOMEWORK for 10/12: Complete Mama worksheet for Monday, 10/15.

***Students must have a copy of Martin McDonagh's play The Pillowman in class on  Friday, 10/19 (Day 6).***


HOMEWORK for 9/27: Finish reading "Young Goodman Brown" for Monday, 10/1 (day 2).

HOMEWORK for 9/25: Complete "The Story of an Hour" Questions - due Thursday, 9/27.

HOMEWORK for 9/21: Complete "The Yellow Wallpaper" Questions - due Monday, 9/24.

HOMEWORK for 9/14: Complete "The Tell-Tale Heart" Questions - due Monday, 9/17.

HOMEWORK for 9/12: Complete "The Black Cat" Questions - due Friday, 9/14.

Homework for 9/7: Have your parents read the syllabus and sign the receipt to return on Monday, 9/10 (Day 2).  Students must obtain a copy of the Gothic text for use in class on Tuesday, 9/11 and a copy of Anne Rice's The Vampire Lestat, which they should begin reading.  The first reading assignment will be due on Monday, 9/17 (Day 7).


Gothic Literature – Mrs. Rizzi-Lorenz

Fall 2018 Course Outline 

The following is a list of dates outlining required reading assignments and corresponding quizzes/exams for the semester. This is NOT a complete list. Additional daily reading assignments and unannounced quizzes will be given throughout the semester.

Due Date                                             Assignment/Assessment                                              

Monday, 9/17                                      The Vampire Lestat Quiz #1 (24 points)

                                                            Saturday Night and Part I 

Wednesday, 9/26                             The Vampire Lestat Quiz #2 (24 points)

                                                            Parts II and III due 

Thursday, 10/4                                               Mid-Quarter 

Thursday, 10/11                              The Vampire Lestat Quiz #3 (26 points)

                                                            Parts IV, V and VI 

Wednesday, 10/17                           In-Class Essay (100 points)                 

                                                            (Topic To Be Announced)       

Thursday, 10/18                                  Bring The Pillowman to class.   

Monday, 10/22                                  The Vampire Lestat Quiz #4 (26 points)

                                                            Part VII, Epilogue and Dionysis

Friday, 10/26                                       The Vampire Lestat Exam (100 points)


Thursday, 11/8                                               End of the 1st Quarter 

                                                            In-Class Essay (100 points) *Second Quarter Grade*

                                                            (Topic To Be Announced)

Thursday 11/15                                The Alienist Quiz #1 (20 points)

                                                            Chapters 1 – 8                                     

Monday, 11/26                                 The Alienist Quiz #2 (20 points)

                                                            Chapters 9 – 16            

Thursday, 12/6                                  The Alienist Quiz #3 (20 points)

                                                            Chapters 17-24            

Tuesday, 12/11                                                Mid-Quarter

Friday, 12/15                                       Short Story Exam (100 points)

Wednesday, 12/19                            The Alienist Quiz #4 (20points)

                                                            Chapters 25-32


Thursday, 1/4/19                              The Alienist Quiz #5 (20points)

                                                            Chapters 32-40

Thursday, 1/10                                   The Alienist Exam (100 points)                        

Tuesday, 1/15                                    Final Essay

                                                            (Topic to Be Announced) 

Friday, 1/19                                        End of the Second Quarter/Semester