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Art II: Digital Media Design

Ms. McNamee

Fall 2021


          This course fulfills 1/2 credit requirement toward the state requirement of 1 Fine Art credit. Digital Media Design is a continuation of Studio Art 1. Students focus on honing their skills in commercial arts. Students explore their own talent and learn to appreciate the varied talents of other students and artists. Throughout the course they discover and use a variety of artistic mediums, materials and techniques to create work based on real-world industries.

The course is organized to follow the principles of design, while using the elements in art to compose creative and conceptual works. The principles of design consist of proportion, balance, continuity, variety, rhythm, harmony and emphasis. Students use the principles and elements to explore various mediums and different professional fields. Each project incorporates the study of art history.



Students will receive grade rubrics and evaluation sheets for each project. Projects are evaluated on design, concept, and execution of the project objectives. This includes adherence to project requirements and attention to detail. Students will be prepared for each project through research, written assignments, and homework. Requirements for each assignment will be specific. All projects and homework must be submitted on time and according to guidelines (which will be given before each assignment).

    Students’ grades will come from projects, classwork, classroom participation, attendance, and preparation. Please note that disrespect and dishonesty will not be tolerated, and will negatively impact a student’s grade (see Classroom Behavior & Discipline for specifics).

  • Late homework will be accepted, but with a ten point deduction. 

  • Students are responsible for each assignment, even when absent. If you are unsure of what is due, please email Ms. McNamee! **This needs to be done in advance of the assignment being due!** All assignments will be posted to Google classroom. If you have any questions, please make an appointment to meet with Ms. McNamee to go over it together.

  • Projects, if late, will receive a fifteen point deduction. 

  •  Students are responsible for keeping up with Google Classroom and PowerSchool. If an error is made with a grade, please come forward within a week to get it changed.

  • Students must record and keep track of assignments and upcoming projects.

  • Grades:

A+ = 100

A   =  95-99

  1. =  90-94

B+ =  87-89

B   =  84-86

  1. =  80-83

C+ =  78-79

C   =  75-77

F   = Below 75

Quarter grades are determined by:


Participation, quizzes, and classwork…….40%


  • HOMEWORK is expected on time, complete, and well-crafted. Classwork will be directed, and grades will reflect effort and execution. 

    • If a student is absent, homework may be turned in on the first day the student is back to be graded with no penalty.

    • Homework will be graded on its completion, correctness, and craft. (e.g. if it is a drawing/sketching assignment, did the student truly put forward their best effort, and complete the assignment to the best of their ability?)

    • Late homework will be accepted but with a ten point deduction.

Excellent work……….100%

Very good……………..95%


Needs improvement….75%


  • PARTICIPATION includes class discussions, preparation for class, careful attention in class, behavior, and keeping the classroom orderly. Grades will reflect effort and execution:


Very good……………..95%


Needs improvement….75%


No credit…………………0

Final grade is determined by:



Classroom Behavior & Discipline

  • Students are expected to comply with all rules of St. Francis Prep as outlined in the school calendar, including dress code, lateness, and the honor code. 

  • Attendance:

    • Attendance is required at each class session. Students should show up prepared and ready to work. 

    • If a student knows about an absence ahead of time, please be in contact with the instructor beforehand for directions about upcoming assignments.

    • For each unexcused lateness, the student will be docked one point off of their quarter average.

  • 2) Respect and Integrity:

    • Students are expected to show respect for the class, each other, as well as all classroom facilities, furniture, and materials. There will be 

    • Academic and artistic integrity are required at all times. Dishonesty, plagiarism, and improper use of sources will not be tolerated, and will result in penalty.

  • 3) Electronics: 

    • Research, computer art programs, and programming assignments are required. You may use an iPad to take notes. Students are required to be on task with their electronic devices- misuse is not permitted. Recording or photographing the instructor or other classmates without permission is strictly prohibited. Texting, music, and games are not allowed. Failure to follow school policy will result in detention. Please see school calendar for cell phone rules and procedures. If a cell phone is visible or in use for activity unrelated to class, the following rule breaking procedure will occur.

  • If rule-breaking does occur, students have three opportunities before they will be written a referral to the dean. At the first instance of rule breaking in the classroom, students will receive one check and one verbal warning. At the second check, they are required to stay after class for a meeting with the teacher. If this behavior continues, the student will receive a phone call home and detention, then a meeting with the dean.


I have read and understood the classroom behavior section and I agree to comply with the rules of this school and this classroom. I understand that if I do break rules, I can expect the aforementioned discipline procedures to be followed.

Student Signature:

Parent Signature:


Requirements and expectations will be outlined at every stage of this course. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher. If something arises that interferes with the student’s learning, please be in contact with the instructor.

During the quarter, there will be many ways to stay on track and involved with the course:

  • Google Classroom- students must register for Google Classroom, and will receive class emails and texts for notes and communication.

  • Class website- the course website through sfponline.org will be kept up to date with assignments, teacher updates, and extra credit opportunities. 

  • Powerschool- grades and assignments will be updated on Powerschool on a weekly basis and is accessible to parents and students.

  • The course outline will be available here during the quarter.

  • Meetings- Ms. McNamee is available to students for meetings at any time throughout the quarter, feel free to stop by, ask during or after class, or send an email if you would like to set up an appointment. 

  • Email- Parents and students are welcome to email Ms. McNamee at any point to discuss the course, grades, or assignments, at [email protected] 

  • Phone call- If any problems occur during the quarter, please call Ms. McNamee at (718)423-88100 ext. 218. If there is no response, feel free to leave a message, Ms. McNamee is frequently out of the department office and in the classroom. Please email to request a phone call. 

  • If there are any questions regarding this outline or the course, please call or email at any time.





  • Art supply kit (info to follow) 

  • Blick sale 9/21, 9/22, 9/23,  7 AM - 3 PM in W 315. Kits are limited and come on a first come first serve basis. All checks should be made out to Blick Art Supplies. Cash is acceptable. 


Supplies are of paramount importance in the classroom. Without them, the students will not be able to work, and will be marked “Unprepared” for that day. When a student is unprepared to work, it will be noted, and habitual unpreparedness will affect their participation grade.

    Each project requires specific supplies, but many of them can be reused from project to project. A complete list of supplies for each project, in the order that they will be needed, is available on the website, as well as at the end of this outline. These projects may be purchased over time to spread out the cost, or purchased all at once. The students will be reminded before beginning each project exactly which supplies they need, and when they will need them by. However, the teacher reserves the right to change their project list, and certain supplies will then no longer be used. In the event that a project is changed or canceled, students will have sufficient notice so that they do not purchase supplies they do not need. For the convenience of the parents, a kit made up of most of the year’s supplies has been created by the class instructor. These kits will be sold to the students during class within the first few weeks of school. While the supplies are available here, in one shot, at a discounted rate, they may also be purchased in some other way. The kit sold through St. Francis Prep’s alliance with Blick Arts is $42.35 with tax, which is a very discounted rate. Students are welcome to purchase the supplies separately and are not required to buy them through Blick, but they are responsible for all items on the supply list. The supply list will be available at all times on Google Classroom.





Supply Rules

  • You must bring ALL supplies every class.

  • Keep your supplies labeled.

  • Keep your supplies in good condition, you can re-use them from project to project, and from year-to-year.

  • Keep receipts!

  • Do not open supplies until inspected by Ms. McNamee.

  • Be a wise consumer when shopping for the above. Check out prices and sales on store websites prior to shopping. Do a bit of comparison-shopping. Present your student ID when paying for merchandise, many retailers issue a student discount. Look for coupons online!

  • If you have any questions or problems with purchasing materials please ask me for help!


*If financial assistance is needed at any time throughout this course please see Ms. McNamee .


Art Supply Stores


Michaels craft store - http://www.michaels.com/


AC Moore craft stores - http://www.acmoore.com/


Blick Art store - http://www.dickblick.com/stores/newyork/carleplace/


168 B Glen Cove Road

Carle Place, NY 11514

Phone: (516) 248-1555

Store Hours: Mo-Sa: 10-8 Su: 11-7


Staples and Target have most of the supplies


Order online…..




Blick art supplies - http://www.dickblick.com/


***I will keep you informed on any deals or online opportunities for art supplies I find throughout the year!




****EXTRA CREDIT IS AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL YEAR AND WILL BE POSTED ON GOOGLE CLASSROOM. If you want your extra credit to count for a certain quarter during the year, you must submit it according to the directions before the last week of the quarter! Otherwise it will count for the next quarter.




I have read and understand this course outline.

Parent / Guardian Signature


Student Signature


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