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Thursday 11/29 - 

F period is dismissed.  A period will still meet for the hour.  Regardless, use the time to work on your Hamlet Act I assignment posted on googleclassroom that is due on turnitin.com by Friday at 3pm.  


Happy First Day of School! I look forward to a fun year with you all. My hope is that we all work hard, learn a lot, and enjoy the time we have together.  

In order to be successful in my class, you will need to do the following things before Monday, September 10: 

1. Log onto the proper Google Classroom site for your section. I almost exclusively use Google Classroom to update you, provide reminders about tests and quizzes, and post work frequently, and it is up to you to check your notifications.  

A period - your class code is: bbmtxk9

F period - your class code is: kai1h3


2. Log onto your turnitin.com account.  Your username and log in should be the same from the previous years.  However, you need your unique Class ID and password to upload any written assignments to your class section.  

A period - Your class ID is 18998236 and password is Aperiod1 

F period - Your class ID is 18998304 and password is Fperiod6


3. Please make sure you read your Course Requirements and share them with your parents.  It is your responsibility to abide by the rules.