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                      Welcome to A.P. Literature!!!

*The Slaughterhouse-Five Summer Reading Test will be 9/10! 

*Have a notebook by 9/11! Make sure you have read How to Read Literature Like a Professor - the Revised Edition- by 9/11! We will start a conversation about some of Foster's key points right away!

*For Monday, 9/17, reread and annotate the short story "The Garden Party," by Katherine Mansfield. You can find it right at the start of Chapter 27 in How to Read Literature... Consider its meaning, and consider how the author is conveying meaning....  Consider any similarities it might have to SL-5....be ready for a quiz Monday! The "extra credit" for annotating will be added to the quiz scores soon. 

*The SL-5 / "Garden Party" in-class essay test will be 9/21... All make-up essays will be 9/26 due to shortened periods Monday and Guidance Visits.

*Coming up, we will move right to Tim O'Brien's  The Things They Carried. You should have a copy from last year, but if not, make sure you get one! Read "On the Rainy River" and "The Sweetheart of the Song Tra  Bong" for 9/24 (D Period) or 9/25 (F and C Periods). Bring the novel with you to class. 

*Ms. Armon will be in on 9/24 (F and C Periods) or 9/25 (D Period) for a full-period Guidance Visit re: college information and issues. Have your questions ready!

*Read the short chapter "The Man I Killed" for Thursday, 9/27...read "The Ghost Soldiers" and the chapter called "The Things They Carried" for Monday, 10/1... Most of you will be rereading the "The Things They Carried" chapter. Looking forward to continued good discussions!!! :))))

*Continue bringing Things...read "In the Field" for Thurs., 10/4, -an AMAZING chapter!- and then "Speaking of Courage" and "Notes" for 10/9!  (Remember- geography matters!)  

*Read "Field Trip" for 10/11 :))))) ...."Lives of the Dead" and "Ambush" for 10/15, and then "Night Life" and "Love" for 10/17.  

*The in-class essay on Things will be 10/19. 

*Pick up the Pelican Hamlet by 10/20!  

*Never looking at red and green Christmas cookies the same way again...lol...


*For Wednesday, 10/24, read from page ix-  "The Theatrical World"- to page xxiv of the introductory material in the Pelican Hamlet. I hope much of it sounds familiar! Be ready for some questions about the reading, and bring the play with you to start Act One together in class!! :))))

*For Monday, 10/29...finish Act One! 

*For Monday, 11/5...finish Act Two. A theater group arrives at Elsinore, and Hamlet's next soliloquy is at the very end of the Act...expect a quiz. Consider what you read at the end of Act Two on its own, as well as in the context of the play as a whole.

                               "The play's the thing/ Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king...." 

*Be ready to write an AP-style Section Two poetry essay during the next hour period: D on 11/8, C and F the following week. This will count as a grade for the second quarter.

*Finish Act Three of Hamlet for  11/13! See whether Hamlet "catches the conscience of the king"!   

*Finish Act Four for 11/19...     and reread Chapter 5- "When in Doubt, It's Shakespeare"- from How to Read Literature like a Professor -for Wed., 11/21!    

*For Monday, 11/26...read Act V, scene one, and read/annotate/think about "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," by T. S. Eliot, for Wednesday, 11/28...                                                                  

*Concept Map for Hamlet due 12/3...it's a great way to clarify and organize your thoughts about this play! It's worth 50 points.

*The Hamlet essay is 12/6!!  "...the rest is silence."   

*Don't forget books for the St. Mary's Hospital Book Drive! You can bring them to class until the 19th, and we'll collect them before we bring them up to the library! 

                                        Thanks to everyone who has already contributed!      

 *Read just the epigraph and Chapter One of Jamie Ford's wonderful novel Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet  for Monday, 12/10.  Read to the end of pg.18 for Wed., 12/12, and to the end of pg. 60 for Monday, 12/17!  

*Read pp.61-71 in Hotel  for Thursday, 12/20...and then to pg. 207 over the break...enjoy!

*Finish the novel for 1/10.  

                                         ***** Have safe and happy holidays!!! *****

Build a Hamlet snowman....


*Hotel should be finished by 1/10!    "Who knew what else he might find if he looked hard enough? .."

*Hotel  essay on the 22nd! It's a third quarter essay... 

*Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre is next; get the Penguin edition if you can. Read/watch the background information and only Chapter One of the novel for Monday, 1/14! We will discuss, and then finish Hotel  thematic examples and discussion!...   

*Read to the end of Chapter Five for Friday, 1/18!...read to the end of Chapter 10 for Thursday, 1/24; expect a quiz on 1-10 that day.

*Read 11 through the end of 15 for Monday, 1/28, and to the end of 18 for Wed., 1/30! 

*Read to the end of Chapter 24 for Tuesday, Feb.5th!!...then, to the end of 27 for 2/7!...to the end of 31 for Monday, 2/11!   You should then finish the novel over the break! 

*2/12- 2/15, we will look at some poetry in class. There will be a poetry analysis essay the Tuesday or Wednesday after the break, depending on your class section. C's will be 2/26, and D's and F's will be 2/27.    

                        *Here's to a wonderful week off; catch up, have fun, and be well!*   

*Read and annotate the Introduction- pp.vii-xxviii- to the Penguin Jane Eyre for Monday, 3/4.    

 *The Jane Eyre Concept Map is due 3/11! You will have both class time and time at home to work on it! (50pts.)  

*The optional Jane Eyre essay will be 3/21.

*AP Checks should be in by March 6th! The AP exam is May 8th. 

*Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are ALIVE on stage, performed by the Heights Players of Brooklyn, on 3/17! All who are going meet in front of school that Sunday at noon! We should be back at Prep by 6.         

                * Read Act One for Monday, 3/11!!! Finish Act Two for 3/15, and Act Three for 3/19!.... 

"The play holds up a mirror to viewers that reflects the uncertainty and lack of control present within their own lives."  -AEvar Johnson



*The play was great!!! So sorry more of you could not attend!... 

*We will continue discussing R & G on 3/25 and 3/26...bring it with you! Our next work is Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, translated by Willa and Edwin Muir. There is a good PDF available through Vanderbilt University called The Complete Stories, or you can get a paper copy, as long as the Muirs did the translation. Please read The Metamorphosis for April 1st- no fooling!  

*Have the Barron's work done for 3/27, pp.95-139, and bring the book with you!

*The Critical Lens feedback is due 4/10...and the last AP practice "open" essay question will be 4/12... You will be able to use Metamorphosis or R & G! There is one more practice analysis question ahead...

*For Thursday, 4/11, read the assigned sections of the Foreward, by John Updike, from the online Vanderbilt Kafka/ Complete Stories. Read the opening quote and the first paragraph on page 8, then skip to page 13. Read the paragraph that begins, "Kafka dated..." to the end of the Foreward on page 21.

*4/15 we will finish Critical Lens information and start organizing for review of major works... Review groups will present after the Easter Break... the AP Exam is May 8th! 

*There is also a short assignment from the AP workbook over break. Complete Section One- the multiple choice section- for both Practice Test Two and Practice Test Three at the back of the workbook. Give yourself one hour on the clock for each section. Check your answers. See how you do for timing and for accuracy. Mark up the book as you go...and later, as you check your responses, circle confusing sections...write down questions. We will go over whatever you need to review on Wed., 5/1!!

*The last analytical AP-style poetry/prose essay will be 5/2....


*On 5/8, the day of the AP test, you have to be in the exam room, on "East Top Top," by 7:15- in full, regular dress code- ready to go! Mrs.Williams and Mrs.Forte will visit us after the Easter Break to confirm and add to this information. If you are also taking the AP Euro exam, realize that you should bring lunch with you, as there will not be adequate time to visit the cafeteria...nobody panic!!!!   

*And as of 5/ 17......congratulations!!!.....   :)))))