9/19 Quiz Update

Our Introduction Quiz will be taken in class on Thursday, September 26.  Here is an outline of what you need to know:

Catholicism and Christianity

- Difference between the two

- 3 main or core beliefs of Catholics

- The three groups that make up the Church and meaning of "Church"

Religion and Community

- Know the definition and 3 main parts of religion

- Why being a part of a community is important to grow in faith


- Know the definition and 3 aspects of faith

Understanding God and who he is

- The Church's main ways to describe who God really is


- Different kinds of prayer

- Examples of good and not so good things to pray for

- How God responds to prayer


- What is a Sacrament?

- Know the difference between Sacraments and sacrament

Human Dignity

- Church teaching on why we have dignity

- Rights that come from Human Dignity

- Why Human Dignity is difficult to live out

- Human Dignity Assignment: 

    1) Judgment of Nations Story

    - Know what happens in the story

    - The main messages the story teaches

    2) Creation Story Assignment

    - What messages it teaches about human dignity

    - Main messages of the stories

9/16 Homework Update: Our next homework assignment called "Human Dignity Homework Assignment" in our files section is due in class on Monday, September 23.

9/10 Homework Update: Our first written assignment called the "Introduction Homework Assignment" can be found in our files section.  The assignment is due for all classes on Tuesday, September 17.  You can either type or write the assignment but it must be handed in on the due date.

9/10 Update: This week I will be checking to see that you have your course outline signed and that you have a notebook for religion as both will count as homework grades.  Here is the schedule for when I will be checking:

Course Outline: C and E Periods - Wednesday, 9/11;   B Period - Thursday, 9/12

Notebook: B, C, E Periods - Friday, 9/13.

Welcome to Religion 10 with Mr. Leone.  Please look to the Course Requirements to find out more information about our class this year.