11/12 Homework Update: Heaven and Hell Assignment due Friday, November 15

Directions: We have looked at a number of different ideas about evil and hell from Christian tradition.  On a sheet of paper, I want you to draw or write about and describe two scenes.  First, draw or write about your personal version of what evil/hell is.  Next, draw what your personal version of goodness/heaven is.  

After you complete your drawing or description please answer the following questions:

1) Describe the scene you drew about your version of evil/hell.  Why do you think this what evil is about?

2) Describe the scene you drew about your version of goodness/heaven.  Why do you think this is what goodness is about?

3) What is an idea about evil from Christian tradition that you either agree with or disagree with?  Why do you feel this way?  

4) What do you think is so attractive about evil that really draws people to it?

5) What do you think is the solution to the problem of evil?  Although we will probably never get rid of evil altogether, what ?can people do to reduce evil in the world?

11/8 Homework Update: Our next assignment called the "Take Up Your Cross Article" will be due on Tuesday, November 12.  Please write out or type your answers as the assignment will be collected

10/30 HW Update: Our next assignment called "Ethics Reflection" in our files section will be due in class next week on Tuesday, November 5.  The assignment may be typed or handwritten.

10/28 Class Update: A period, for class today go to the file called "Why do bad things happen to good people dialogue."  Read the dialogue and answer the questions based on the passage.  This should be completed for this Wednesday, October 30.  If you finish this, then you can work on the US Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb Journal which is also due on Wednesday.

10/22 Test Update: Below is an outline of the topics you need to know for the test on Friday

Philosophy - Ethics Test Outline: The Test is on Friday, October 25

Ship Dilemma – What is the dilemma raising questions about?

Being a person:

- John Locke’s definition

- Dictionary meaning

- Why does it matter to consider someone or something a person?


Know the difference between the two:

Ethics – Literally means “habit or custom” in Greek.  It’s the field of philosophy that studies how people can live a good and happy life 

Meta- ethics – subfield of ethics that studies what does it mean to be right

Contributions of the Greek Philosophers:

Socrates – Knowledge based approach toward ethics

Aristotle – Virtue Ethics Theory

General schools of ethical thought

- Consequentialism (Teleology)

- Deontology

- The Trolley Problem and how these different theories apply to the example 

 Ethical Philosophies

For each of the following philosophies, make sure you can identify the following:

The main principle of each philosophy

Where we can find evidence of each philosophy

A potential strength and weakness of each philosophical view.

- Humanism

- Skepticism

- Utilitarianism/Hedonism – Principle of Utility

- Stoicism

- Immanuel Kant and the Categorical Imperative

10/21 Update: Our "Ethics Project" in our files section will be due for F Period - Tuesday, 10/29; for A Period - Wednesday, October 30.  Make sure your group is ready to present on that day and you have a copy of your project printed out.

10/15 Update: Use the file called "Ethical Theories Notes" to help complete the Ethical Theories  Assignment below.

Ethical Theories Assignment

Now that we have looked at a number of major ethical philosophies please complete the following with your group: Complete all four questions for each theory.

1) How would this philosophical world view look today - meaning what lifestyle might a person have with this view?  

2) Where do you evidence of people having this perspective?

3) For each philosophy give an example of an ethical problem a person could experience by following this philosophy.

4) What is an ethical issue or problem that each philosophy could help someone to deal with in a positive way?

10/9 Homework Update: Our next assignment called "The Trolley Problem Assignment" in our files section will be due in on the following day in class 

F Period - Tuesday, October 15.                   A Period - Thursday, October 17

9/30 Class update: For class today please read the article called "The Problem of Evil Article" in the files section of our class page. At the end of the article there are ten questions to answer.  Please have the assignment ready in class by Wednesday, October 2.

A Period: Your quiz originally scheduled for today (Monday) will now be given in class tomorrow (Tuesday, October 1).

9/20 Quiz Update: We will being a quiz next week on the following day:

A Period: Monday, September 30

F Period: Thursday, September 26

Here is an outline for what you need to know for the quiz:

Philosophy Quiz 1 Outline


- What philosophy is and why it is important to study

Objectivism and Subjectivism

- Definition of both positions

- Implications of how following one of these theories could affect a person's views on love and beauty   


- Plato's understanding of love

- Montaigne's understanding of love

- CS Lewis' 4 different kinds of love

Epistemology - the study of knowledge and how we come to know information.

- Empiricism

- Pragmatism

- Rationalism

Know what each theory teaches about knowledge and the strengths and weaknesses about each.

Deductive reasoning vs Inductive reasoning

- How both methods help us to acquire knowledge

9/11 Update: For today's class, use the file called "Photograph Dialogue" in our files section to follow along with our classwork today.

9/11 Homework Update: Our first HW assignment called "Philosophy Personal Profile," which can be found in our files section, is be due in class next week on Wednesday, September 18.  The assignment can be either typed or hand written and must be handed in on the due date.

Welcome to Philosophy of Life with Mr. Leone.  Please look at the Course Requirements to see more information about the class.

Here is the lunch schedule for Mr. Leone's classes:

A Period: Junior Lunch: 12:50-1:15

F Period: Senior Lunch: 11:40-12:05