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Test on Wednesday/Thursday, 1/16-1/17:  "Hard Rock Returns to Prison from the Hospital for the Criminal Insane"; "The Idea of Ancestry"; "The Negro Speaks of Rivers"; "I Carry Your Heart With Me--"; "Feeling Fucked Up"; "Love After Love"; "Sex Without Love"; "After Making We Hear Footsteps"; any other poems we do before the test ; excerpts from If Beale Street Could Talk.


Brainstorming assignment on "Blackberry Eating" due on Thursday, September 27.

Suggestion: Buy a pint of blackberries. Taste/Eat them right.  This might help you to understand the poem.

Optional question to include in your assignment: Which words do you like "to squeeze," "squinch open," and "splurge well"? 

Test on all of the poems, literary terms, and quotes: Thursday and Friday, 1011 and 10/12.  Study!  Know these poems: "Quarrel"; "Variation on the Word Sleep"; "Let Evening Come"; "To a Poor Old Woman"; "The Red Wheelbarrow"; "Complaint"; "The Great Figure"; "The Term"; "This Is Just to Say"; "Danse Russe"; "Between Walls"; "The Last Words of My English Grandmother"; "Sylvester's Dying Bed"; "Highlights and Interstices"; "Michiko Dead."  Also, know/understand all of the quotes I've given you about poetry and art (F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sharon Olds, William Carlos Williams, James Autrey, Galway Kinnell, Quincy Troupe, Walker Evans, etc.)  And  know/understand all of the terms we've covered: tone, rhythm, line, line break, image (imagery), stanza, speaker, diction, repetition.  You are only responsible for the poems I cover in class.  We might not get to all of these before your exam.

These poems will be on Friday's test: "Highlights and Interstices"; "The Red Wheelbarrow"; "Complaint" and your choice of two other poems by Williams; "Variation on the Word Sleep"; "Let Evening Come."

These poems will be on Thursday's test: all of the poems by Williams; "Quarrel"; "Sylvester's Dying Bed."  (One of the questions gives you the choice to use ANY one of the poems that we covered in class.)


from Williams' Autobiography:

Once on a hot July day coming back exhausted from the Post Graduate Clinic, I dropped in as I sometimes did at Marsden's studio on Fifteenth Street for a talk, a little drink maybe and to see what he was doing. As I approached his number I heard a great clatter of bells and the roar of a fire engine passing the end of the street down Ninth Avenue. I turned just in time to see a golden figure 5 on a red background flash by. The impression was so sudden and forceful that I took a piece of paper out of my pocket and wrote a short poem about it.