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FINAL EXAM- Wednesday, June 5th

REGENTS- Thursday, June 20th 8:30am

Room Assignments

A- E108        D-E104       E-E106       G-E112   

Extended Time

A-L E016           M-Z E111  


Go to FILES-scroll down all the way to the bottom and open the file called Thematic Essay Box Outlines to fill in

  -4 of the 8 thematic essay box outlines should be done already--ALL 8 SHOULD BE DONE BY FRIDAY

  -Use your review book or your textbook to help you with the information to fill them in-If they are done poorly you will NOT get full credit for them--this counts towards your homework grade


Study for your final on Wednesday

Homework for 5/30-6/2

June 2015 Multiple choice questions 1-2   23-42    46-50

Go to FILES-scroll down towards the bottom and open Thematic Essay Box Outlines to fill in

  -Outline at least 4 of the 8 thematic essays by using the box outlines in the file

  -Use your review book or your textbook to help you with the information to fill them in

**You'll eventually be assigned to do all of them so if you have the time and want to do them all this weekend go for it!!!

****Remember all of the work I've been assigning is going to help you on the FINAL and the REGENTS so it will be worth it in the end.  So take the time this weekend to also catch up on any of the past assignments that you haven't done yet.  Put the work in now so you pass for the year and pass the regents.  You don't want to spend the summer worrying about taking the regents again in August...….or even worse if you don't pass it in August you have to wait all the way until January to try again.


5/28-Review Book

August 2015 Regents multiple choice questions 

2-3      21-43     49-50


5/23 Weekend-All in Review Book

Answer all Pre-Test Questions-At the beginning of the Review Book after the Preparing for the Regents pages you'll find Units 1-4 Pre-Tests on pages xxxvii-xliv-answer all of those multiple choice questions

June 2016 Regents Questions 1-2     22-41    43-50

August 2016 DBQ-answer all documents-the missing documents are on the google classroom page


5/22-All in Review Book

Unit 1 Questions 1-16 on pages 41-42

Unit 2 Questions 1-19 on pages 78-80

August 2015 Regents DBQ-only answer the documents

The missing document images are posted on google classroom


5/21-All in Review Book

Pages 41-42 do Questions 1-16

August 2016 do the following multiple choice questions



5/20/2019-All in the Review Book

Read Unit 4 Pages 135-173

Answer questions 1-11 on pages 174-175

January 2017 Regents multiple choice questions 2 and 20-41 and 49-50


Homework for the 5/17 weekend-all in your REGENTS REVIEW BOOK

1. Unit 3-The Twentieth Century & Beyond

      Read Pages 87-125 **Some of this info you've learned already-some of it is new

       Answer Questions 1-15 on pages 126-128

2. -Towards the back of the Review Book are old regents exams (they are after the glossary and index) 

       Find the JANUARY 2016 Regents-only do the multiple choice questions listed below

      1-2      23-42     49-50   

    **Don't look up the answers-better off to see how you do when we go over them in class

3.  Find the JANUARY 2016 DBQ

     -Just answer the document questions-DON'T DO THE ESSAY

     -Answers to the documents do not have to be in full sentences-you can just write the answer

    -I suggest you read the question first so you know what you're looking for in the document

    -I also suggest you underline the answer(s) in the document




Test on WWII on Friday, May 17th 

To help you study use the flashcards under LINKS called 31 Flashcards 

Under FILES use any of the following:

-causes of WWII   -Events of WWII   -WWII Review Sheet   -WWII Review Sheet & Answers

-31 Review    -any of the 31 PowerPoints 


Test on the Rise of Fascism on Wednesday, May 8th

Flashcards are under LINKS-called 30 Flashcards

Under FILES-30 Review Sheet


Test on Russian Revolution & the USSR on Thursday, May 2nd

Flashcards-under LINKS-called 28 Flashcards

Under FILES you can use the following:

-28 Review Sheet                -28 Review Sheet Answers

-28 Section Reviews            -28 PowerPoint

-28 Review PowerPoint       -Why was there a revolution in Russia?

-Russian Revolution Causes

-28 Flashcards to study

Don't forget to purchase the Global History Review book from the bookstore by 4-17

Quiz on the Causes of WWI on Wednesday, April 3rd

*Use the first two sections of your notes-You need to know the long term causes and the immediate cause for the war*Make sure you know how each country got involved*

*Flashcards-Under LINKS-Ch 27 Flashcards-only use the following numbers*

4-9    34-39     42


Test on China & Japan Imperialism on Wednesday, March 27th

Flashcards are under LINKS- China & Japan Imperialism

Also under FILES you can use the following:

25-5 Review Sheet

China & Japan Help studying

29 4&5 Review Sheet


Test on March 19th-Imperialism in India

Under LINKS use-25-4 and 29-3 India Flashcards

Under Files-India Imperialism 2 is a PowerPoint


Next test will be on Monday, March 4th on Imperialism in Africa & the Middle East 

Under LINKS use Imperialism Africa & the Middle East Flashcards


Quiz on Wednesday, February 6th on Intro to Imperialism-Topic 15 Section 1

Flashcards are under LINKS-click on IMPERIALISM-AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST 

ONLY USE FLASHCARD #s 1/30-35/39-44

Under FILES-Imperialism PowerPoint


Test on German & Italian Unification on Wednesday, January 30th

Flashcards-Under LINKS-23 1-3 Flashcards

Under FILES-23 1-3 Review Sheet and PowerPoints

Use textbook app Topic 14 Sections 3 and 4 


Quiz on German Unification on Tuesday, January 22nd

Under LINKS use 23 1-3 Flashcards but only use the following flashcards

1-4    7-19    21 and 23


Test on the Spread of the Industrial Revolution on Friday, January 11th-Topic 13 Sections 1 and 2

Flashcards are under LINKS on my webpage-Chapter 22 Flashcards

Under FILES you can use the following to help you:

22 Powerpoint

22 Review Sheet and Answers


Industrial Revolution Quiz tomorrow November 14th

Go to LINKS-click on Industrial Revolution flashcards-Use #s 27-35 and 37-47

Use your notes and Topic 13 to study


Complete handout from class using Topic 13 Section 2-due tomorrow-Wednesday, December 5th



Go to LINKS-Look for Industrial Revolution Flashcards-Use numbers 1-26/28/36



11/20-Homework due tomorrow 11/21-Do both sides of the handout you were given in class-Use Topic 13 Section 2-starts with Laissez-Faire Economics  


Test on Topic 14 Sections 1 and 2 tomorrow 11-20

Under LINKS on my webpage use the 21 Flashcards link or Latin American Revolutions and Ideologies link.  They are both the same


Quiz on the causes of the French Revolution on Tuesday, October 16th. 

In the textbook it’s The French Revolution Begins up to The Storming of the Bastille which is topic 12 section 6. Use section 1 in your packet of notes to go along with the chapter to help you study. You can also use some of the flashcards. Click on the links tab and look for French Revolution flashcards. Print them out but only use the following number flashcards for the quiz. 

Numbers 2-3, 6, 18, 20-24, 38 and 40.

Quiz on the Enlightenment on Thursday, September 20th.oo-