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  • Healing and Making Peace                                                                                            2019-2020                          

    Mrs. Linda Baldacchino

     This course is designed to explore the many different types of loss in human life, the process of grief, and the journey toward healing and acceptance.   Emphasis will be placed on the bereavement process, the Paschal Mystery, and one of the predominant themes of the Scriptures: transformation through faith, hope, and love.  There will also be a spirit of personal reflection and exploration.


    Topics include: the nature of loss, the stages of grief with special attention to the Kubler-Ross Model, the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual symptoms of grief, the healthy and unhealthy methods of coping, the Sacraments of Healing: Reconciliation and Anointing the Sick, forgiveness, the Stations of the Cross, and Peacemaking skills and strategies for personal relationships.

    Classroom Materials

    These materials should be brought to class each day:

    • A Notebook - specifically for Religion Class. This notebook will be used for ALL note-taking.  *NO STUDENT WILL USE THEIR iPAD FOR NOTES*
    • JOURNAL – that will be kept in classroom 
    • iPAD - The iPAD will be used for Class Work Assignments and Google Classroom
    • Black/Blue Pen or Pencil

     Classroom Requirements

    • A POSITIVE, OPEN and WILLING attitude!   All students are to contribute to the class in a spirit of honesty and respect for themselves and for each other.  


    • We begin each class with prayer.  Students will participate in prayer and all classroom activities in a respectful manner. 


    • Students MUST be ON TIME and ready for class each day. 


    • CELL PHONE POLICY – Cell phones are NOT permitted in the classroom at any time.  Having a cell phone out in the classroom will result in an immediate detention!


    • LATENESS POLICY - Students are responsible for any and all missed work.  If an assignment is handed in BEFORE the due date, 5 BONUS points will be given.  On the other hand, 5 points per day will be taken off each assignment due to lateness.  After one complete 7-day cycle of lateness, the assignment will no longer be accepted and a zero will be given.


    • If an exam is missed due to absence, it is the responsibility of the student to schedule a make-up.


    • Saint Francis Prep has a strict Honor Code, The Honor Code is to be respected at all times; cheating or plagiarism of any kind will not be tolerated. Any assignment that is plagiarized will result in a zero.


    Grading Procedures (per Quarter) 

    Tests - 40%

    Projects - 20%

    Class Work - 20%

    Journal - 10%

    Class Participation/Technology Use - 10%

     **A cumulative final exam will be given. 

     Semester Grade is calculated by: 

    1st Quarter =40% + 2nd Quarter = 40% + Final Exam = 20%