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I will not be in today, 5/20. Check Google Classroom for assignments.

Vocabulary Quiz Day will be every Day 4---our first quiz on Unit 9 will be on Thursday, March 14th.  Assignments will be posted.

***** Vocabulary day will always be on Day 4 of the cycle. Your 5 vocab assignments on Sadlier Connect will always be due at 11:59 P.M. the day before Day 4, and there will be a vocabulary quiz, completed on the iPad, to start class on Day 4.*****

9/7: Create your Pinterest boards for Monday, 9/10 and pin 4-5 things that describe you. 

9/10: Read, "Lather and Nothing Else" by Hernando Tellez

9/11: Annotate, "Lather and Nothing Else" by Hernando Tellez. Highlight or underline important phrases, sentences, or words that are important to the story. Pick out unknown words and define them in your vocabulary notebooks. 

9/12: Prepare for your quiz on 9/14 which will be on "Lather and Nothing Else." 

9/14: Read, "The Necklace". Before or during reading make sure to pick out unfamiliar words and define them in your vocabulary notebooks/sections. Make sure to define at least six words. In addition, create three questions pertaining to the short story.

9/17: Read and annotate "The Necklace" for the theme. Interact with the text by writing comments, questions, and predictions. 

9/18: Write a powerful paragraph answering the question: What is the theme of “The Necklace.” Support your answer using at least three pieces of evidence and explain your reasoning.

9/21: Read and define the unknown vocabulary for, "Rules of the Game" by Amy Tan. 

9/26: Prepare for your group presentation on the vocabulary words assigned to your group. Be sure to incorporate each of the words in your skit/poem/short story/song and most importantly, be creative!  You will be presenting first thing in the morning on 9/27.

9/28: Read, "The Girl Who Can" by Ama Ata Aidoo

10/2: Vocabulary Quiz #1 on 10/3.

10/9: Read the next three chapters ( "Hairs", "Boys and Girls" and "My Name") in The House on Mango Street for homework. Be prepared to have a discussion on these chapters in class. Get started on your Unit 2 vocabulary homework on SadlierConnect.com, all of the assignments are posted!

10/11: Read pages 12-22 in, The House on Mango Street and annotate.

10/12: Complete your short essay on, "The House on Mango Street." Attach the rubric/paragraph outline to your paper. This is due on Monday, 10/15.

***Choose two vignettes and write a short response paper about it (4 paragraphs.) You can write about your personal feelings, relate it to something that has maybe happened to you or someone you know, etc. Aside from your own feelings, you MUST also explain the theme of the chosen vignettes and support your idea with at least three pieces of evidence from the text. Make sure that you are demonstrating the connection between the two vignettes that you chose.  

The assignment is worth: 50 points***

10/15: Read/Annotate pages 28-38 in, The House on Mango Street

10/17: Study for vocabulary quiz. No HW.

10:19: Prepare for your presentations on Monday, and read pages 38-50 in, The House on Mango Street. 

10/22: NO HW

10/23: Prepare for "Thesis Statement Throw down"

10/24: Read pages, 52-70 in The House on Mango Street. 

10/29: Read pages 70-78 in The House on Mango Street. Answer the following question in your notebook, "What did the girls do to Aunt Lupe? Why did they do it? What happened to Aunt Lupe that day? What did Esperanza's mother say about it?" (Born Bad)

10:31: Read pages 78-92 and answer the discussion questions. Also, prepare your notebooks for the notebook check which will be worth 50 points.

11/6: Sadlier vocabulary assignments due on 11/7 at midnight. Prepare for quiz on 11/8. 

11/7: Notebook checks are due, make sure that all of the discussion questions are answered, the character sheet is complete, and all of your notes are organized. 

11/9: Finish The House on Mango Street over the weekend

11/16: Continue working on your projects which are due November 28, 2018.

11/19: Unit four's vocabulary assignments are due at midnight. Study for the vocabulary quiz on 11/20. 

11/20: Unit four vocabulary quiz. 


11/28: The House on Mango Street projects are due!! 

11/29: Study for the grammar quiz on 11/30. 

12/11: Start preparing for your exam on poetic devices, and annotate "Mother to Son" for the big six and answer the discussion questions. 

12/14: Study for the poetic devices test on 12/17. Complete the graphic organizer in the packet for "The Road not Taken."


**1/7: Complete the outline for your poetry analysis essay.**

1/8: Read, "To a Mouse" by Robert Burns and answer the discussion questions.

Answer in complete sentences. 

"To a Mouse" Discussion Questions:

1.Based on the title and subtitle of the poem, what do you think this poem is about?

2.Write a 1-2 sentence description of what happens in the first stanza.

3.What are the speaker’s feelings in: 

·The second stanza?  Explain.

·The third stanza? Explain.

4.What is the speaker of the poem upset about in the fourth, fifth, and sixth stanzas?  Why?  

5.According to the speaker, how are he and the mouse similar?

6. Explain how they are different. Use textual evidence. 

7.According to the speaker, why is the mouse better off?

1/11/19: Poetry Analysis Essay due on 1/14/19. Attach both the rubric and outline. Also, parts 1 & 2 should be read in, Of Mice and Men by 1/14/19. 

1/15/19: Answer the chapter questions for part 1 & 2 in Of Mice and Men. Read part three of, Of Mice and Men. 

1/16/19: Answer the chapter questions for part 3 of, Of Mice and Men and start reading part four for Friday.

1/18: Complete Of Mice and Men over the weekend

1/22: Prepare for your quiz on, Of Mice and Men

For the week of 2/4/19:

-Please make sure you have written a rough draft of a thesis on Of Mice and Men in your notebook.  We will work on what you have done so far and develop the rest of the essay over the next few days.

-Also, don't forget to print out or write out the words from Vocabulary lesson 8.  Please bring that list to class by Wednesday(in your notebook).  For homework on the Sadlier site, I am only requiring that you do the "completing the sentences" section.  If there are any problems getting on the site, just let me know and we'll figure it out.  

-NYTimes: (As we already did in class last week) Just make sure you print out and read one long article from either the Science section or the Arts section, underlining any words you don't know, choosing 1-3 words you found. Look those words up, write them on the article itself and I will go over the assignment and collect it on Thursday.

For the week of February 11:

Be sure to work on your rough draft over the weekend and write at least 3 paragraphs, as described in class, in your notebook (writing section).  Credit will be based on seeing that you have been working on the essay.  The final draft will be due on Wednesday.

Thursday:  There will be a quiz on the literature notes you've been taking in class.

Dear Freshman,

It was very nice working with you.  I wish you well in your academic career.Please read To Kill a Mockingbird, if you haven't already, and keep working on your essay.  Remember, it's the process that's important.


Ms. Jane Lynch