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Welcome to Jesus and Film

Film is a dominant art form in our society.  

Jesus Christ is one of the most dominant historical figures 

for over two millennia.  What happens when the two combine?

This course seeks to explore how Hebrew and Christian Scriptures have been employed in the service of film.  We will examine images of Jesus not only from the perspective of the four canonical Gospels, but also compare and contrast them with the images of Jesus as dramatized in various films. 


Also, this course seeks to explore how the media, in the words of the U.S. Catholic Bishops, "influences the values, judgments, and actions of U.S. society."  By examining how Jesus, and the values he lived by, is depicted in film -- from the traditional to the provocative -- one can increase one's understanding of the Word himself and more fully grasp how the media impacts one's value system, judgment and faith life.

In the Introduction to the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church we are told that, “...Artists in every age have offered the principal facts of the mystery of salvation to the contemplation and wonder of believers by presenting them in the splendour of colour and in the perfection of beauty. It is an indication of how today more than ever, in a culture of images, a sacred image can express much more than what can be said in words, and be an extremely effective and dynamic way of communicating the Gospel message. ..."

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