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Easter Break Assignment: Read Chapters 3 and 4 in Frankenstein.  Answer the questions below in complete sentences on a sheet of paper.  These questions will be collected when classes resume.  The heading of your homework should be your name, first and last, along with the heading provided below.

Frankenstein Chapters 3 and 4 Study Guide Questions


  1. What happens to Victor’s mother in the beginning of Chapter 3?  How does Victor handle this situation?
  2. Who or what does Victor credit with leading him to M. Krempe?
  3. Explain the differences in teaching philosophies between M. Krempe and M. Waldman?  Which teacher does Victor soon prefer?
  4. What is a charnel house? Why is Victor spending time in one?
  5. By the end of Chapter 4, what is Victor’s ultimate goal?  What does he think about himself at this point in the novel?

Vocabulary Quiz on Unit 11 tomorrow, 4/16

Vocabulary Quiz Day will be every Day 5--our first Vocab quiz on Unit 9 will be on Friday, March 15th.

Friday, March 8th--Day 7, Test on Acts I and II

**** Vocabulary day will always be on Day 4 of the cycle. Your 5 vocab assignments on Sadlier Connect will always be due at 11:59 P.M. the day before Day 4, and there will be a vocabulary quiz, completed on the iPad, to start class on Day 4.*****

9/7/18: Create your Pinterest boards for Monday, 9/10 and pin 4-5 things that describe you.

9/10/18: Read, "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin. 

9/11/18: Annotate, "The Story of an Hour" by Kate Chopin. Highlight or underline important phrases, sentences, or words that are important to the story. Pick out unknown words and define them in your vocabulary notebooks.

9/12/18: Prepare for your quiz on 9/14 which will be on "The Story of an Hour."

9/14/18: Read, "Araby". Before or during reading make sure to pick out unfamiliar words and define them in your vocabulary notebooks/section. Make sure to define at least six words. In addition, create three questions pertaining to the short story.

9/17/18: Read and annotate "Araby" for the theme. Interact with the text by writing comments, questions, and predictions. Close read the passages with strong imagery in order to decipher the meaning. 

9/19/18: Rewrite a brief passage from this story in the voice of the young boy. Use informal style, simple figures of speech, and vocabulary appropriate for a child. *Specify the passage that you chose, and explain why you chose it. 

9/21/18: Read and define the unknown vocabulary for, "The Rocking-horse Winner" by D.H Lawrence. 

9/26/18: Prepare for your group presentation on the vocabulary words assigned to your group. Be sure to incorporate each of the words in your skit/poem/short story/song and most importantly, be creative!  You will be presenting first thing in the morning on 9/27.

9/28/18: Read, "The Train from Rhodesia" by Nadine Gordimer

10/2/18: Vocabulary Quiz #1 on 10/3.

10/9/18: Complete the Zunal assignment on the Anglo Saxons. Make sure to bring in a copy of your research, a visual, and one interaction, such as a question. Get started on your Vocabulary Unit 2 assignments, they have been posted!

10/11/18: Finish reading "The Wrath of Grendel" in Beowulf.

10/12/18: Complete the discussion questions packet on "The Wrath of Grendel", "The Coming of Beowulf", and "The Battle with Grendel." This should be completed by Monday, 10/15.

10/15/18: Read, "The Monsters' Lair", and "The Battle with Grendel's Mother."

10/17: Prepare for vocabulary unit 2 quiz. 

10/19: Short essay on Beowulf is due on Monday. 

10/25: Prepare for search and rescue activity on the background information needed to know for Dracula. 

10/26: Read chapters 1-5 in Dracula and be prepared with questions to discuss. 

10/29: Compare and contrast essay on Dracula is due on Monday, 11/5. 

** Essay Question: Choose a vampire character from another novel or movie you are familiar with and compare and contrast that character with Stoker's Dracula. Make sure to list at least five similarities and/or differences. Explain both vampire characters in depth; describe their physical features as well as their actions and how they present themselves. Lastly, you may want to talk about the elements associated with Gothic Fiction.**

11/6: Vocab due Wednesday at midnight

11/7: Study for Unit three's vocabulary quiz on 11/8. 

11/8: Read chapters 9 and 10 in Dracula. 

11/9: Read chapters 11 and 12 in Dracula and continue to answer the discussion questions in the packet.

11/15: Read Chapters 13 and 14 in Dracula. 

11/16: Complete reading chapters 13-16 in Dracula, as well as the homework assignment. The assignment is to write a summary for each chapter along with three questions that you may have.

11/19: Unit four vocabulary assignments are due at midnight. Study for the quiz on 11/20.

11/20: Unit four quiz!!


11/26: Chapter summaries for 17, 18, and 19 in Dracula are due 11/27. 

11/29: Study for the grammar quiz on 11/30. 

12/3: Read chapters 20, 21, and 22 in Dracula and complete the chapter summaries. 

12/4: Read chapters 23, 24, and 25 in Dracula.

12/5: Finish Dracula for homework and complete the three discussion questions. 

12/6: Start working on the Dracula project that is due on 12/11.

12/14: Study for your poetic devices test on 12/17.

12/17: Read, "When You Are Old" by William Butler Yeats and annotate for the big six. In addition, answer the question, "what does unrequited love mean to you?"

**1/7: Complete the outline for your poetry analysis essay.**

1/8: Read, "The Tyger" by William Blake and answer the discussion questions. 


Answer in complete sentences. 

1. What is the opening image of the poem? Explain your answer using evidence from the text. 

2. In Stanza four, what is the speaker of the poem wondering about?

3. What poetic device dominates the poem? Explain your reasoning. 

4. What is the theme of, "The Tyger" and how does this poem reflect the Romantic concern with the nature of good and evil?

1/11/19: Poetry Analysis Essay due on 1/14/19. Attach both the rubric and outline. Also, your annotation of, "The Lamb" by William Blake should be completed by 1/14/19. 

1/15/19: Bring your copy of Lord of the Flies to class 

1/16/19: Finish reading chapter one of Lord of the Flies, and answer the chapter questions.

1/18/19: Finish chapter two of Lord of the Flies and complete the discussion questions. 

1/22/19: Read chapter three of Lord of the Flies and complete the questions for chapter three. Also, prepare for your quiz on chapters 1-3.

For the week of 2/4/19

-You are reading Lord of the Flies at home while we are reading Macbeth together in class.  This will give you three weeks to finish reading the novel.  You should be prepared to take a reading test on Golding's novel by the time you return from winter break, Feb. 25, 2019.

-Starting this Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2019, you will be taking notes on Macbeth in class, and your quizzes and tests will derive from those notes.

-Vocabulary: You are up to lesson 8.  All I require of you is that you do the exercise, "complete the sentences" on the Sadlier site.  If you have any problems with that, let me know and we'll work it out. 

-NYTimes: (As we already did in class last week) Just make sure you print out and read one long article from either the Science section or the Arts section, underlining any words you don't know, choosing 1-3 words you found . Look those words up, write them on the article itself and I will go over the assignment and collect it on Thursday. 

For the week of February 11:

Continue to read Lord of the Flies (must be completed by Feb. 25) at home while we work on Macbeth in class.

Thursday:  There will be a quiz on the notes you've been taking in class on Macbeth.

Dear Sophomores,

It was very nice working with you.  I wish you well in your academic career.  Please finish reading Lord of the Flies, if you haven't already, and take good, thoughtful notes on the novel.


Ms. Jane Lynch