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.For Thursday, January 3, 2019, ROMEO and JULIET Acts 4 and 5 are due.  PERIODS B and C will be tested  on either act, and the answers to the questions in correct MLA format will be collected from everyone.

.For Friday, January 4, there will be a vocabulary test on Unit 4.  The exercises will be due on Saturday, January 5 at12:00 A.M Do the proper exercises in your online work. book, and study the exercises mailed to you.  The study list follows.

Unit 4:
1. abscond- [v] run off with, skip town
2. access- [n] admittance, entry...[v] get at, obtain
3. anarchy- [n] chaos, disorder
4. arduous- [adj] difficult, hard to do
5. auspicious- [adj] favorable, fortunate
6. biased- [adj] unfair, partial
7. daunt- [v] intimidate, frighten
8. disentangle- [v] free from tangles or complications, unwind
9. fated- [adj] destined, doomed
10. hoodwink- [v] deceive, mislead
11. inanimate- [adj] lifeless, without energy or spirit
12. incinerate- [v] burn, reduce to ashes
13. intrepid- [adj] brave, courageous
14. larceny- [n] theft, robbery
15. pliant- [adj] bending easily, flexible
16. pompous- [adj] pretentious, egotistical
17. precipice- [n] brink or edge of disaster
18. rectify- [v] make right, remedy
19. reprieve- [n] temporary relief, delay...[v] postpone, delay.

20.revile-V- to attack with words; to malign

For Friday, January 11, 2019. there will be a test on Vocabulary Unit 5. The directions are the same as Unit 4.  The exercises will be due Saturday, January 12, At 12:00 A.M. the study list follows:

Unit 5: 

1.accomplice-n- partner in crime

2.annihilate-v- destroy completely; obliterate

3.arbitrary-adj- unreasonable; whimsical

4.brazen-adj- shameless; bold

5.catalyst-n- any agent that causes change; stimulus

6.exodus-n- large scale departure or escape

7.facilitate-v-to assist or make easier

8.incorrigible-adj- beyond control; incurable

9.latent-adj- unrealized; dormant

10.militant-adj- active and aggressive in supporting a cause...n- activist

11.morose-adj- gloomy; unfriendly or unsociable

12.opaque-adj- not clear or lucid; not admitting light

13.paramount-adj- chief in importance; primary; dominant

14.prattle-v- to talk in an aimless, foolish, simple way

15.rebut-v- contradict; disprove

16.reprimand-v- scold; find fault with

17.servitude-n- forced labor; bondage

18.slapdash-adj- careless; hasty

19.stagnant-adj- not running or flowing; foul

20.succumb-v- yield; submit


Parent-Teacher Meeting is Tuesday, November 20, 2018 from 3:30-5:00PM and 6:00-8:00pm. If your child has done well, and both he/she and you are satisfied with the grade, you do not have to see me.  Lines will be long, and you should go to any classes where a problem exists. Of course, if your child has a failing grade, or their is some some other problem with the grade, please come to see me. I will be in Room West 114. If you cannot attend parent-teacher conferences, please  email me, and I will answer any questions you might have.  I will be leaving at 8:00PM promptly.  Thank you

Beginning of the year…….  

ELECTRONICS:  Cell phones, apple watches, and all other electronic devices MUST be turned off in class at all times. These devices will be stored in your school bags which  will be placed in the front of the room at the beginning class and retrieved as you are leaving. If a cellphone or other electronic device either goes off or is out in class when it should no be, there will be a 2 POINT PENALTY deducted from the quarter average which is totally non-negotiable.  

I PADS:  I pads must be closed and left at the side of your desk if and until needed. I pads must NEVER be opened to any other site except those being used for reference in class.

NOTEBOOKS:  Every student is required to have an ordinary paper English  notebook, preferably marble and wide ruled, in which you will take daily notes when necessary.  The notebook is required to be in class every day, as well as several sheets of loose leaf for writing and tests. Presentation is important; pages torn out of notebooks are never acceptable.  Think of the quality of your work as a representation of who you are.

GOOGLE CLASSROOM:  I have a webpage on the St. Francis Prep website on which you will usually find your daily and long term assignments listed; however, more detailed descriptions of assignments will be found in my Google classroom, which I will have every student sign up for immediately. Classroom will also be used to create links to the PDF sites of most of the novels that you will read over the course of the year, sites that will  provide information about the authors you are reading, the historical background to the periods in which their works are set, and pertinent Powerpoint and you tube presentations to enhance your reading. Classroom saves a great deal of note-taking time in class. It will also be used for writing and grammar.

HONOR CODE:  St. Francis Prep has an honor code which you must immediately familiarize yourself with and always adhere to.  Never cheat; an honest failing grade is always preferable to dishonesty. There are various penalties for violating the honor code; in my class, one of them is a 5 point deduction from the quarter average.

CLASSROOM ETIQUETTE: Always be respectful to all other students.  Always be respectful all other students’ property. Always be respectful of all other students’ opinions and feelings even if you do not agree with them, and do not call out answers; rather, raise your hand. Everyone’s ideas are wanted and valuable. Be respectable of all property in the classroom.  Do not litter; keep the environment clean by picking up all debris from the area around your desk. Never write on the desks. Always be on time for class, and when you are absent, go to the attendance office to obtain an absence pass before going to class. Always be in dress code.

For Monday, September 10. 2018, please return all questionnaires.

Students are to read the novel THE GIVER by Lois Lowry for October 4 and submit a printed out copy of the answers to the comprehension  questions on that same day. Both items can be accessed directly from my Google classroom. The assignment is being done in group, so each group will hand in one copy of the assignment for which the entire group will receive a grade.  All members of each group are expected to contribute and cooperate. The print out is to be typewritten following the MLA format, including heading, margins ,double spacing, and headers.  The only difference is the heading will include the names of all members of the group, written one underneath the other in alphabetical order.  Each member of each group should keep a duplicate of their answers for test study.  No late work will be acceptable; the grade will be lost if the assignment is not completed.

There will be a 50 question assorted short answer test on THE GIVER On October 9. The test will be done in group and must be completed in one class. Groups must work quickly, quietly, and efficiently.  It is suggested that you first answer all questions that you are one hundred percent sure of, and then go back to discuss what is left. As usual, honesty and observance of  the honor code are expected.                                                                                                            

October 13, 2018   Three assignments concerning Romeo and Juliet have been posted.  One is on Shakesspeare's life, times, and works, another on the setting and characters in the play, and a third is a full copy of the play itself. Please see Google Classroom for full drections for each assignment and the sites to read them. 

 October 19, 2018   Vocabulary Unit 2  Here are the necessary directions; They are also in Google Classroom.

Unit 2:

1.adjourn- [v] stop temporarily, postpone

2.alien- [n] a citizen of another country...[adj] foreign, unfamiliar

3.comely- [adj] good-looking, attractive

4.compensate- [v] pay back, recompense

5.dissolute- [adj] immoral, corrupt

6.erratic- ]adj] inconsistent, unpredictable

7.expulsion- [n] ejection, eviction

8.feint- [n] pretense, deception

9.fodder- [n] feed, raw material

10.fortify- [v] strengthen, build up

11.illegible- [adj] unreadable

12.jeer- [v] make fun of, mock...[n] rude remarks, taunts

13.lucrative- [adj] profitable, moneymaking

14.mediocre- [adj] average, ordinary

15.proliferate- [v] reproduce, multiply

16.subjugate- [v] conquer, subdue, control

17.sully- [v] stain, defile

18.tantalize- [v] tempt, tease

19.terse- [adj] brief, concise

20.unflinching- [adj] fearless, resolute