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3/13 Test Update: We will be having our next test on ethics next week on Thursday, March 21 or Friday, March 22.  Below is an outline of topics you should know for the test.

Philosophy Test Update: We will be having our next exam on the following days:

D Period: Thursday, March 21; G Period: Friday, March 22.  Below is an outline for the test.

Ethics Test Outline

Ship Dilemma – What is the dilemma raising questions about?

Being a person:

- John Locke’s definition

- Dictionary meaning

- Why does it matter to consider someone or something a person?


Know the difference between the two:

Ethics – Literally means “habit or custom” in Greek.  It’s the field of philosophy that studies how people can live a good and happy life 

Meta- ethics – subfield of ethics that studies what does it mean to be right

Contributions of the Greek Philosophers:

Socrates – Knowledge based approach toward ethics

Aristotle – Virtue Ethics Theory

Christian Ethical Philosophies

- Consequentialism (Teleology)

- Deontology

- The Trolley Problem and how these different theories apply to the example 


Alternative Ethical Philosophies - Use the file called Ethical Philosophy Notes and our HW to help you study for the test

For each of the following philosophies, make sure you can identify the following:

The main principle of each philosophy

Where we can find evidence of each philosophy

A potential strength and weakness of each philosophical view.

- Humanism

- Skepticism

- Utilitarianism/Hedonism – Principle of Utility (Similar to Consequentialism)

- Stoicism

- Immanuel Kant and the Categorical Imperative (Similar to Deontology

3/8 Project Update: The directions for our 3rd quarter group project are in our files section called "Ethics Project."  We will be working on the project for about the next week and half.  The project will be due on Monday, March 25.

3/6 Class Work Update: The notes we will be using for class are found in a file called Ethical Theories Notes.  Using the notes on ethical theories, answer the four questions about the theories of B) Skepticism, C) Utilitarianism, D) Stoicism, and E) Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative.  Overall you should have 16 total answers.  This assignment will be due on the following days:

D Period - Monday, March 10;      G Period - Friday,  March 8

1) How would this philosophical world view look today - meaning what lifestyle might a person have with this view?

2) Where do you see evidence of people having this perspective?

3) Give an example of an ethical problem a person could experience by following this philosophy?

4) What is an ethical issue or problem that this philosophy could help someone to deal with in a positive way?

3/5 Homework Update: Our next assignment called the "Trolley Dilemma" in our files section is due in class on Thursday, March 7.  Be ready to hand in the assignment on Thursday.

2/14 Class Update for D Period Philosophy of Life: For Mr. Leone's D Period Philosophy of Life class please complete the assignment in our files section called "Problem of Evil Article."  The assignment should be completed and handed in by tomorrow, Friday, February 15.  Remember that our quiz is tomorrow and below you can find the outline to help you study.

2/11 Update: For Mr. Leone's F Period Philosophy of Life class please complete the assignment in our files section called "Problem of Evil Article."  The assignment should be completed and handed in by Friday, February 15.

2/8 Update

Philosophy Quiz 1 Outline: The quiz be taken on Friday, February 15)

 Philosophy - 

What philosophy is and why it is important to study Objectivism and Subjectivism 

- Definition of both positions

 - Implications of how following one of the theories could affect a person's views on love and beauty   Love - Plato's understanding of love - Montaigne's understanding of love - CS Lewis' 4 different kinds of love

 Epistemology - the study of knowledge and how we come to know information. - 

Empiricism - Pragmatism - Rationalism 

Deductive reasoning - how this method help us to acquire knowledge 

- Different views on Knowledge and Ignorance 

- Voltaire's story of the Brahman

Welcome to Philosophy of Life with Mr. Leone

1/24 Update: Our first homework assignment for class called "Personal Philosophy Profile" can be found in the files section on our class page.  The assignment will be due in class next week on Thursday, January 31.  The assignment needs to handed in and NOT emailed.