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3/22 HW Update: Our next homework assignment called "Forgiveness Article" will be due next week on Wednesday, March 27.  Please read the article and answer the ten questions.  The assignment will be checked in class so you do not need to print it out or write it on loose leaf to hand in.

3/19 Project Update: Our next project called "What Would You Do Project" in our files section will be due next week in class on Tuesday, March 26.  Please follow the directions from the file to complete the assignment.

3/19 Update: We will be having our next test coming up on Friday, March 22.  An outline will be posted with topics for the test.

Morality Test Outline - Conscience, Sin, Virtues and Vices

Our Test will be on Friday, March 22

- Catholic Teaching on the Primacy of Conscience

- Categorical (Short Term Conscience) and Transcendental ?(Long Term Conscience).  Also know examples of each.

- Sin: Definitions and examples

- Formal sin vs sin of omission

- Different types of sin: Venial, Serious, Mortal, Social

- Free Will and Original Sin

-  Conditions for evaluating sin: Action, intent, circumstances, awareness, consequences, virtues/vices

- Virtues: Theological and Cardinal Virtues

- Vices: Capital Vices (Seven Deadly Sins)

3/11 HW Update: Our next assignment called "Identifying Sin Worksheet" in our files section will be due in class on Thursday, March 14.  Please make sure you have the assignment completed.  Use the Sin Notes to help you.

3/8 Class Update: Our notes on Sin are in a file called "Sin Notes."  Use these as we discuss sin going forward.

3/1 HW Update: Our next assignment called "Conscience Essay" can be found in our files section.  The essay needs to be typed and submitted on the due date Monday, March 11.

2/27 Update: Our next homework assignment called conscience homework questions can be found in our files section.  The assignment will be due in class on Friday, March 1.

2/12 Update: We will be taking our first test on Friday, February 15.  You can use the file called "Human Dignity and Incarnation Notes" to help study for the test.  Here is an outline of topics you should know for the test:  

Morality Test Outline - 

Morality: It's definition and the way Christian tradition understands it. 

- The difference between moral and immoral decisions 

- Character and values 

- The major moral questions that morality attempts to answer 

- Explicit vs Implicit Christian, and which is more important. 

- The five competing moral philosophies (Moral Relativism, Nihilism, Individualism, Hedonism, Pelagianism)  and how they contradict church teaching. 

- Church teaching on Human Dignity and the implications of what it means to accept these teachings. - The Incarnation and what it says about human nature and evil. 

- Sources of morality - factors that affect our decision making.

2/11 Update: For class today please complete the assignment called "Understanding Moral Thinking" in our files section.  The assignment will be collected on Friday, February 15.

1/29 Update: Our next HW assignment is on moral influences in our society.  The directions are below.  Please have the assignment completed by class tomorrow when it will be checked.

Assignment: Moral influences in our society
Come up with a list of 5 specific sources in our society that influence culture and really have a strong effect on the way people think. As examples you can look at movies, tv shows, advertisements, social media, books. Explain the message that each one gives about morality. For each one please do the following:
A) List the source and describe it.
B) Explain the influence that it has on people in society
 C) Explain whether or not you think this is a positive or negative effect.

1/22 Update: Welcome to Morality class with Mr. Leone!

Homework: Our first assignment called "Morality Introductory Assignment" can be found in our files section.  For this assignment you will have ten questions to answer about your own sense of morality.  The assignment can be either typed or handwritten in complete sentences and must be handed in on the due date Thursday, January 31.