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Welcome to the start of the 2021-2022 school year! This year you will be responsible for checking google classroom everyday as well as a few other sites. I suggest parents join the google classroom as well as the students, with your parent gmail account, if you would like to be kept up to date with assignments. I will be posting everything your students need, as well as assignments, exclusively on google classroom.

Here is the login information for google classroom broken down by class. You should also find the google meet link there as well. To join a class virtually, make sure you click the camera icon in the top right corner. It is your responsibility to be logged in ontime. If there is an issue logging in or if you are running late, when you log in please type "Sorry I'm here late". That way I can make sure I go back and change you from absent to late.

A-Period:  7pi5bb3
D-Period: j6ipyld

F-Period: nlfzl5t

H-Period:  msgqsjb

We will also be using a test bank known as Test Wizard. Students will be given assignments, quizzes and exams through this website so it is very important they are familiar with it. Here is the login information for test wizard broken down by class. Please go to testwizard.com and join my class by using the information listed on google classroom. If you have used this website at PREP last year, please use the same login information. Otherwise you must create an account using ONLY your PREP issued email address and join my class.  Please use the name you would like me to call you (ex if your first name is James and you want to go by Jim, please list that on here) as long as it is school appropriate.

Finally we will be utilizing a plagiarism checker known as turnitin.com. Students will be posting their completed labs and projects here unless otherwise instructed by me. All of the directions will be posted on google classroom. The login information for turnitin.com is broken down by each individual class.  Passwords are CASE SENSITIVE so I recommend you copy and paste it in.  This is located on google classroom as well.

At any point during the year if you or your student is having trouble with anything, especially any of the following that was just discussed, please DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to me via email at [email protected].

Mrs Gammello-Gonzalez

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